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This is the first Post in the Going Viral for Free Series. This Series will explain ways to increase your Website/Blogs traffic exponentially for FREE.
Have you got a Blog/Website which has ample number of posts but its traffic is on the lower side don't be disheartened, YouLikeHits has come to your rescue. YouLikeHits is a website to get Twitter followers, FB Likes, Digg followers, StumbleUpon followers, Website Views,etc. It works on the concept of Points which You earn by Following,Liking,etc other people/things. So just set up some Fake accounts and get started.

I am assuming that you have setup your Fake accounts and are ready to get started. (I am insisting on setting up Fake accounts because by chance you get banned (for Liking/Following 10000 people a day) then you don't throw curse words at me)

Firstly open a Account at YouLikeHits.com ,if you haven't opened it till now then Click Here.

After Signing Up , Just Login into your account and you will to presented with the following screen (You will get 50 Bonus Points to get started):

Now just link your Social accounts with YouLikeHits ( It just asks for the Username of the Social Accounts ). This is a very simple process but for demonstration purposes I will show you how to integrate a Facebook account into YouLikeHits.

After Logging Go to the Facebook Tab ,It will look something like this:

Now just click on Add an Account button and you will be presented with a screen to enter your Facebook profile URL (For Finding your Profile URL ,Login into Facebook and then Click on the your Name which appears on the Left Hand Side (Just Above Edit My Profile) ,Now the URL in the Address bar is your Profile URL)

After successfully integrating Your Facebook account your Facebook Tab will look something like this:

Now click on the Facebook Settings and then click on Add a Page and then Enter yours Facebook Page URL and set the number of Points you want to give per Like and then Add it.

Similarly you can integrate all the other Social Services into your YouLikeHits account.

Now comes the part where you have to spend sometime in following/liking Other people Things and gathering the points. Here many people would say why waste time like this rather devote more time to your blog or have patience and get your traffic the correct way. Now this is fully upto you whether you want to do this or not (It doesn't hurt if You get a 100 extra Likes for Your Blog's Fan Page).

If you have decided to spend some time,then do heed to these tips:

-Don't use the Twitter thing because that has the highest unfollow rate ,but if you still insist then to secure a follower ,follow back. (Set the Points to 9 if you want them fast)

-Facebook        :Set the Points to 9 to Liked fast (Not more not less)
-YouTube         :Set the Points to 8-5 Points to get your videos viewed (Not more not less)
-Website View  :Set the Points to 8-7 for optimal results
-For Rest all the services set the points in between 7-5 for best Results 

This is discovery that I have made for Facebook Pages .After you have got a good number of Likers (1000+) and are not getting the comments and Insights that you want then do This: Change the Name of the Facebook Page and this will appear in the Notification Tab of all your Fans reminding them of the your Page and reigniting their attention.

Have you got any other tips ,Please feel free to share


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