High-Quality Blog Posts: What You Should be Doing

quality article Whether you’re looking to write guest posts for another blog or write content for your own blog, writing articles that are high-quality is most important. Anyone can write an article of a certain length and get it posted, but it takes a special article to gain massive feedback and exposure. What should you do to make sure your content is unique and of superb quality?

Know What You’re Doing First

stop and thinkAnd I mean this in the nicest possible way. If you have no idea how to write a proper sentence, how to use periods, or how to use capital letters in the right spot, you shouldn’t be anywhere near an article. That said, it’s not impossible to learn how to write articles. Most people start off as amateurs just like everyone else, but with a little determination and knowhow, they became good at what they do.

A good place to start would be literally anywhere there’s a good writer. Read some books, read your favorite blog, or even read through the dictionary to find some cool words if that’s your thing. All of this will help you become a better writer.

Stop Being Lazy

stop making excusesAgain, I mean this in the nicest way possible. If you’ve been trying to get into writing and are still struggling with finding the time to enhance your skills since you started, you’re being lazy. Stop it. Stop watching TV and procrastinating, and stop going to the movies and letting your work suffer. Instead, you should be sitting down and getting your head out of the clouds. You should be on that fancy thing called Google and taking cues from my boy Stephen King.

Stuff like that. Once you get over your laziness, you’ll be more inclined to learn new writing skills.


don't stop writingWoah, mind-blowing! In order to write high-quality content, you need to write. And write. And then write some more.

Think of writing as a car. If you didn’t work on your car and left it to sit for weeks and weeks at a time, it might get rusty and not work as well as it once did. The same goes for writing. If you write something once a month, you’re not writing enough to learn how to do it better.

You can’t become a rusty car. You need to take writing by the horns and write the hell out of some stuff! You don’t need to get the boxing ring with legends like James Patterson to become a better writer, but writing something every week couldn’t hurt.

These three principles have helped me along the way, so I know they’ll help you guys out. Of course, I can’t hold your hand every step of the way. While these tips will help you over that hump that keeps getting in the way, the only thing that can help you write better is yourself. As cheesy as it sounds, it’s true.
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This is a guest post by Joe Petchonka who is a writer and blogger who focuses on helping others become better and more efficient writers. He also helps Garden City Nissan dealers write content for their websites.
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10 Productivity Tools for Bloggers

steps upAny quick search of Google, Bing or Yahoo will quickly throw up dozens, if not hundreds, of productivity tools for bloggers (and website owners in general). Sifting through them can be quite troublesome and the sheer number of tools makes it overwhelming to make a decision on which ones to use and makes it impossible to test them all (while still blogging). In this article we will list 10 top productivity tools for bloggers.

1. LastPass
LastPass allows users to manage username and password combinations for all their sites. With most browsers, users can save their usernames and passwords, so they automatically log in when accessing a particular website, but is it secure? And what if you have multiple user IDs for a single website? Furthermore, sometimes these sites drop the automatic login and made you do it again. With LastPass you store each and every username-password combination on the secure site and use it to access your favourite sites. The application is downloadable to all computers and encrypts your data to protect your passwords from hackers.

2. Let’s Crate

lets crateLet’s Crate builds upon ideas such as Dropbox and SugarSync. With those sites, in order to share information, people need to sign in and to create a profile. This can be tiresome if, as someone wanting to share information quickly, you have to wait for people to create profiles or have to encourage them to do so. Let’s Crate evades this problem by not requiring anyone to make a profile, not even the person doing the sharing. Simply put the document into the box on the landing page and Let’s Crate will create a link you can share, embed in a blog post or send through email. There is an option for you to create an account to store information if you so wish, but the service works just as fine without an account.

3. Text Expander

As anyone who writes a lot or types a lot knows, fingers get tired. One major drag on writing is having to type the same text over and over again. For example, imagine running an insurance news site. You may have some terms and conditions you repeat often. Sure, it can be copy and pasted into place leting your customers know the conditions your cheapest home insurance is offered with, but why not have some shortcuts, which drop a chunk of text exactly where you want it? This protects you from some of the risk making a mistake with your insurance terms and conditions would have as well as making your life easier. This is the role of Text Expander. The tool allows you to create a snippet, which is coded, so that when you type it into an email, document or blog post, Text Expander automatically dumps the rest of the snippet in for you.

4. SimpleNote / Evernote

evernote These two sites perform the same duties, so it is better to use one or the other. Their job is not necessarily to remind yourself to do something, but perform the same function as writing in the margins of a book or bending the corner of a magazine page back, so you can find it again. They differ from bookmarking sites like Digg or StumbleUpon by allowing you to make notes on a site and then organize those notes. SimpleNote also includes a tagging system, which aids archiving.

5. Blog Desk

How many of us have more than one blog? How many of those are on different blogging platforms? Blogdesk does what it says on the tin. It is a multipurpose blogging platform, which allows you to build professional and/or personal blog posts then using a one-click system, gives you the option of posting the entry on any or all of the blogging platforms you have linked to the service. This includes images, dictionaries and tag generators.

6. Skitch

skitch Skitch is a combination of Evernote/SimpleNote and Windows’ Snipping Tool. Basically it is a tool for taking screenshots and then annotating them. It also has a social function allowing users to share those screenshots. It has recently been bought by Evernote, so expect it to tie in more in future.

7. Linkdip

This is a nice and relatively new site, aimed at aiding link building. As many blog and website creators know, there are good links and bad links. Linkdip has decided to turn linking into a form of social networking. Users gain points by liking or adding a +1, mentioning or tweeting links. Once points have been accrued the user can then ask other people to like, +1 or tweet their own links.

8. Rapportive

rapportive This modern world is hyperlinked and ever changing. We are constantly interacting with new people and sometimes it can be a struggle to remember who is who, what your relationship is to them business or social wise and their history. Rapportive solves this problem for Gmail users. The Chrome extension provides you with data from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other sources (providing your correspondent is on those sites of course) to help you when writing an email to them.

9. Remember the Milk

There are a rash of memory aiding websites out there like Coolender, which turns your ‘do not forget’ notes into an actual calendar and Do It Tomorrow, which creates a virtual diary, which easily allows users to move tasks from one day to the next. Remember the Milk is a website, which performs the same function. Users are free to sign up and use the site to manage tasks, increase workflow, access a phone or google calendar, and to receive SMS or IM reminders for priority tasks.

10. Oh Life

oh life Oh Life builds on the daily idea of the workflow applications and sites mentioned above. The purpose of this aid is to help you organize your thoughts more. Oh Life’s idea is simple. At the end of the day the service will send you an email. It will ask a single question: “how did your day go?” When replying to the message, you mention what you did, what you need to do the next day and so on, which is all then turned into an online journal. The next day you can access the journal to remind you of what needs doing.

Feel free to share any Tool/App that you have been using and has improved your Blogging process as a whole in the comments below

Author Bio

This is a Guest Post by Imogen Reed who is an active freelance writer and President of the Moon Appreciation Society. You can find her on Google+.

Effectively Written Blog Posts Increase Readers

increaseAnyone can write content or blog articles that makes sense, states a point and gets a few ‘likes’ every now and then However, the number of people who can actually write content that will increase their readers through friendly suggestion is becoming more and more rare with each new blog that is tossed up. In order to have content that gains respect, you have to respect the content being presented to the masses. In an effort to cut down on blogs written simply to farm links, this intuitive article will delve into the subject of having content that really intrigues audiences instead of making them yawn.

Adequate Research Is Imminent

lot of researchIn order to avoid repetitious writing on subjects that have been covered for years, you need to stay on top of news trends, stock charts, buying guides and other reputable sources of current information. Perhaps you could catch the CNN news or other local news headlines early in the morning, take adequate notes, and have a post immediately typed for posting within a half hour of the news report. Having your blog already indexed in Google Blog Search would be perfect for this because your news would immediately be seen in their search if your feed is being picked up properly. Research is king.

Avoid Repetition

duplicate content I’ll be willing to wager that SEO tips amass a billion when searched across the internet. Does this signify problematic content? When you take the same ideology and rephrase it 17,000,000 times, the content gets old and uninteresting to read. Therefore, write about subjects not common to man, for example, instead of writing about SEO, perhaps discuss smaller elements that comprise the term, such as pictorial optimization. You’ll simply write words that no one really finds much value in if you continually take rehashed content and place it within your website or blog in hopes it will draw new readers or sales.

Never Leave Content Closed
discussionPerhaps you have great content that merits an ongoing discussion yet you’ve ended the content with prevailing thoughts that were already answered within your content. Never close your content with no route for discussion, always end your writings with open-ended questions that potentially turn into long discussions relevant to something you’ve debated within your content. If you wish to engage and keep a large readership, you’ve got to listen to reader’s input relevant to your discussion since most new ideas come from deliberations on past subjects. If you close discussions on your content, you rob people of their right to an active voice in theories you’re freely throwing around cyberspace.

Revelations can best be formed when people arrive at your blog and read things that stimulate their thinking. If you wish to grow your following, increase readership and continually receive rave reviews of your content, you need to keep verbiage fresh with current trends and avoid regurgitating other writer’s previously proven points. Writing content isn’t for the meek, you may entertain reading plenty of other professional blogs before you attempt to tackle the process of writing engaging content articles yourself.

Author Bio

This is a guest post by Greg. The writing experience of Greg goes well beyond even his own comprehension. Proudly helping families and individuals to trace cell phone numbers to re-establish connection with old friends while offering a free email search service for the world to use is what he current engrosses himself with.

Promoting Your Blog through Image Sharing Sites: A Wonderful Idea

shareImages indeed speak louder than words. This applies to a blog as well! Recent statistics have proven that readers generally prefer to read articles that contain images more than just plain text. No wonder that photo sharing websites, these days, are the ones that enjoy huge traffic. People share their images, upload the ones they like & also put their comments if they feel so.

The sharing concept for the latest rage among photo sharing sites – Pinterest is a bit different though. Here you pin the images you like and more pins an image gather, more popular it is. If an image gets enough pins or shares, the same is bound to get viral. Millions of people visit these image sharing sites every day and if your image feature in the homepage, you can easily imagine what amount of traffic you can enjoy!

How to upload the image?

It’s just not about selecting your picture and uploading the same. Remember one thing, hundreds, if not thousands of pictures are uploaded in these image sharing sites every day, but to attract real traffic, the image should get some popularity first.

Don’t use copyrighted image

copyrightDon’t use a copyrighted image downloaded from Google Images or any other source. This is nothing but violation of law and you may get into troubled waters sooner than you would have thought. Try to use a copyright free image always if possible. Unless you are really tight on budget, a better idea will be to buy stock images exclusively from sites such as Istockphoto or ThinkStockPhotos. There are plenty of discount coupon codes available as well, so you won’t end up spending much. You will have plenty of options to choose from and most importantly, you will have some exclusive images to share and none else would be sharing the same (Unless they steal from you after you upload the image in one photo sharing site).

Choose images wisely

Choose your picture wisely. Think what post in your blog you would like to promote and then go for the image. Suppose, if you have a blog post stating how one can acquire muscles quickly. Some suitable images to share will be: Celebrities with muscular body, before-after pictures, muscle building training equipment etc. I hope you have an idea now? 

2000+ images
Note: Using Images in blog posts is a sure short way to get your point across to the readers and even get more traffic through various Image Sharing Sites and even search engines ! With this said finding quality images is a tedious task and  absence of these can badly effect your blog's prospects. To solve this problem we in partnership with MightyDeals bring for you 2000+ Royalty Free Images at a never before price.

On page optimization of the shared image

Now, comes the on page optimization part! Use proper title and description while uploading your image. If the photo sharing site facilitates, include the keyword you wish to rank for in the alt tag of the uploaded image. Put the keyword in description and title, but just don’t stuff it or overuse to avoid looking spammy. You can also use the tags feature to add the relevant keywords of your choice.

Link to your blog

The most important part isn’t it? However, don’t just add the same link in all the images. Rather, try to blend and link to different inner pages. Also, upload different images in different photo sharing sites. It is better to use different user names as well; it will help you to avoid Google Footprint.

Always follow up

follow upIf your picture gets popular, it is bound to get shares and comments. Don’t stick to sharing your own images only, share the ones others upload as well (It looks natural). If someone leaves comment in your picture, try to follow up the same. You can even add that user as friend for a regular. Be active and always respond to the questions asked, in no time you will become popular and get some loyal readers for your blog!

Best Photo Sharing Sites

This is entirely based on my personal experience, but, I believe the top 5 image sharing sites are: Photobucket, Pinterest, Zoomr, Picasa and Flickr. Each of these is easy to use. The upload technique and usage is almost similar, however, in case of any problems, just check out the FAQs.

flickr picasa photobucket zoomr pinterest

Marketing a website is getting costlier with each passing day and under these circumstances, using the image sharing sites is nothing but a wise idea. If you haven’t got the time, you can hire a Virtual Assistant as well; it’s just a matter of an hour or so every day. The only other cost to be incurred will be for the stock photos you would buy.

It’s important to follow the latest trend in Internet Marketing industry. Traditional techniques, if implemented well, always works, however, it does not harm to try out new techniques either, particularly, when the implementation is neither costly, nor time-consuming.

Author Bio

This is a guest post by Costea who loves to write about latest internet marketing trends. He is currently contributing to a site sharing istock photo promotional code and promo code for thinkstock. These discount coupons from Istockphoto and ThinkStockPhotos will help you save some cash when you decide to buy royalty free stock images online.

Why Guest Posting is the Best Link Building Strategy

link buildingLink building strategies have several facets. Several strategies are hailed, one such strategy is guest posting. Google is a widely used search engine. Therefore it is common sense to rank over Google. However, Google has likes and dislikes for links. For instance, links built through a spam website is frowned upon by Google. On the other hand, links gained through authority sites are loved. In the past, spam link building provided instant results. Unfortunately, they no longer are valid. The recent Penguin update crushed the remaining hope of spam link building. However, some spammy sites still rank higher but their positions & rank will drop in future.

Why Guest posting should be used for link building?

Guest posting is effective in every way. Through guest posting you not only build natural links but also accumulate relevant readers for your site. Some of the benefits are:

Increase of rank position over Google

google rank Generally, guest posting is done on high authority sites (in most cases). Links gained through these sites carry greater weight than any other site. Let us say your competitor ranks higher with several thousand links. In that case, you can rank higher with few quality links. Of course, I cannot provide the exact numbers. However, links gained through guest posting will assist in better rank positions for keywords in a short term.

Real Example: I started a forex site in April 2012. For a certain page I wanted it to rank for the keyword ‘forex no deposit bonus’. I chose guest posting for link building. At present the page ranks 12th for the keyword. Google for the keyword and try finding for blog named ‘zarrylym’s forex’. Note: Other factors also went into ranking of the page but most help came through guest posting.

Permanent Links through Guest Posts

Links gained through guest blogging are permanent. There is no recurring expense that needs to be spent to keep the link. The SEO juice through the link will vouch for your site. In other link building strategies, the link may or may not be permanent.

Needn’t Fear Algorithm changes

penguin update Many Internet Marketers and Webmasters fear every time Google undergoes an algorithm change. If guest posting was your link building strategy then you do not have to fear. No matter what, guest post links will always stay and provide better ranking. A very rare case scenario would be the site on which you guest posted gets in some problem (but that rarely happens as they are generally high quality)

Increases Readership

When you guest post on a site readers will try to find more about you. Naturally, they will land on your site where more can be learnt about you. Soon they will be part of your readers. So apart from gaining links, you also get readership with guest posting.

Increases Awareness

awareness Internet is immense in size. Not all sites fall into lime light. Few of the sites that compete and show their heads are spoken and blogged about. For a newly built site that requires attention guest posting is the right choice. For example, let us say you have a newly built site on Affiliate Marketing. Find other authority sites in the same niche. Contact the admin and propose to Guest post. Continuing the same procedure with other sites will soon increase the awareness of your blog.

Apart from ranking higher in search engines, you also get the above benefits with guest posting. So Will you next time consider guest posting as your priority when it comes to link building or not ?

Author Bio

Richie RichardsonRichie Richardson is an Internet Marketer and loves to blog about it. At present he is working on his forex blog and writes on TradeFort reviewHe also discusses about forex no deposit bonus 2012 and other related topics.

3 Important Factors To Enhance Organic Traffic

This is a guest post by Brian Nixon from Pitstop Media , a SEO Company

As an SEO company, we take pride in helping businesses generate organic traffic to their websites. It takes time to build traffic and even more time to build a successful online business, but it’s doable.

organic trafficWeb traffic is the lifeblood of any business that is done online. In the offline world, you need to invest a tone of dollars to advertise your brick and mortar business. On the internet, you may not invest so much in advertising – if you’re savvy. You can optimize blog pages to attract buyers and prospects without spending a dime – but you need to invest a pool of your precious time. Isn’t it better?

Ranking on Google first page is determined by various factors. Three of these are important and I want to share them with you. 

The Keyword Factor
KeyWordKeywords are the terms used by prospects and consumers to conduct searches on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. These terms are important data when building and optimizing web pages. It brings the searcher to your website when properly initiated. But it’s easier said than done – you’ve to choose the right keywords.

Research various terms your product and services would be targeting. Google keyword tool is the first you can use. It’ll suggest 100 relevant key phrases that your target audience is using to locate you.

However, to stay out of competition and attract a handful of rich traffic organically, you need to research long-tail key phrases and optimize for them. A long-tail key term contains three or more words. They usually have low search volumes but it easier to rank for. 

The Content Factor
contentThe second SEO factor that imparts a webpage is the content. Around the web – quality content has become a cliché and it seems the real meaning is gone. But we can’t stop talking about it. “Quality content is still king!”

But the question is: what makes a quality content?

We’ve asked ourselves these questions several times. And this prompted us to delve into in-depth research. Interestingly, we were able to pinpoint what makes an article, a post or whatever contents in any form a quality one.

In the world of search engines, quality means the same thing as relevant, engaging, helpful, valuable and practical. So, if your content is optimized with the right keywords, and you were able to engage or give practical tips to your audience, that’s quality. 

The Links
your blog linkSearch engine optimization is incomplete if the links are ignored. Building links to a blog and its pages is fundamental to improving ranking and organic traffic.

More so, links can aid in dominating a particular niche or topic. As we studied earlier in this article, quality content is that relevant and helpful article on your blog. But it’s not enough to have useful content, especially when no one reads it.

Getting the resourceful post to the first page of search engines can be difficult. But when you target long-tail keywords and build anchor links to it, don’t be surprised to find your blog generating tons of organic traffic.

Internal links are done within your site, by interlinking old and posts. Some folks call it inbound links but the important thing to know is the benefit. It makes latest published articles important in Google’s eye. Use the primary key terms as anchors and link to inner pages on your blog. Then, go out there and enhance your ranking with external links (off-page) from trusted sources.

Over To You
How much organic traffic do you generate from Google? Please share your comment – in the comment section below. See you ahead!

Author Bio

Brian NixonThis is a guest post and the views of the author do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of this site. The author, Brian Nixon, is a professional search engine optimizer who writes for Pitstop Media Inc, a Canadian company that provides top rated SEO services to businesses across North America. For more information please visit www.pitstopmedia.com

5 Reasons Why Your Blog Won’t Attract Subscribers

rss subscribers Should you build mailing list in your blog? Yes, you should. However, there is a common problem many bloggers experience when they build mailing list for their blog. What is it? It’s about how difficult it is to persuade their readers to subscribe to their mailing list. You may experience the same problem. So, you have to understand about the reasons why your blog readers don’t want to subscribe to your blog mailing list. Here are 5 reasons why your blog won’t attract subscribers

1. You don’t differentiate yourself

As you may already know, there are thousands upon thousands of blogs out there, and of course, they’re all trying to attract subscribers and traffic. Now, you have a single blog which is trying to attract subscribers too. How can you make your audience recognize your blog? How can you make your audience to cling to your blog and follow your blog instead of other blogs? The answer is to make your blog unique. You have to make your blog different from other blogs. If you can do this, you will be able to attract subscribers to your blog easily. If your blog is seen as the same old blog that people already see numerous times, you can’t easily attract traffic to your blog, let alone build mailing list in it.

2. You don’t have reputation

rightIn blogging, reputation is everything. If you have reputation, people will just flocking on your blog all day. And they will subscribe. And they will buy something from you. Reputation is all that matters. If you are unable to attract subscribers to your blog, that’s because your blog has no reputation. And this is what you should start building from now.

3. You don’t offer something valuable

There is always a price for something that you want get. If you want to get subscribers, you have to pay the “fair price” for it. You need to offer something valuable that has more value than your reader’s email address. If you neglect the importance of this part, you’ll have difficulty to build a big mailing list on your blog. Offer something free that will give great value to your readers, and they’ll gladly exchange their email address for it.

4. You aren’t persistent enough

Persistence is the key to build your blog mailing list. In attracting subscribers, persistence is the key. You have to let your blog readers know that you want them to subscribe to your blog’s mailing list. And you have to tell them about this over and over—in your blog posts, in your blog comments, in your videos, and so on.

5. You don’t offer more than your competitors

businesses competition People always want something more. Look at your competitors—other bloggers that are building big mailing list. What do they offer to their subscribers? If you can see carefully, they are offering massive value in exchange for their readers’ subscription. Why are they doing this? That’s because they understand the value of their blog subscribers. What you need to do is to offer more than your competitors are offering to their subscribers. Add more value to your offer, and you will find significant increase in your subscription rate.

Those are the reasons why your blog won’t attract subscribers. Make sure to avoid those things if you want to attract massive subscribers to your blog.

Author Bio

Kashish JainThis is a Guest Post by Kashish Jain who is a young blogger from India. He loves to write about the technology updates around the world. Recently an article on BloggingTips grabbed his attention. These days he is busy writing articles on  Polity of India.

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Establishing Authority in Blogging

authorityNowadays, it’s nearly impossible to Google any given subject and not immediately sees at least a few blog results. Likewise, it’s hard to find any individual or business that isn’t using at least one type of social media these days. When it comes to connecting with Internet users through blogging and networking sites, your delivery is key to standing out as a legit resource verses just another simple blogger. 

Case and point is the subject at hand. I’m a private contractor for Hamptons Real Estate that’s been working from my Long Island home for several years now and dabbling with online business. I started out some time ago learning the basics about blogging and networking. Given due credit, some of the simple blogs were helpful with the basics. However, the critical information that wasn’t ever mentioned on those blogs was how to transition from what they were offering – simple blogging – to that of a respected, adept, professional blogger. 

This is a transition that can turn your blog, as it did mine, into a legitimate resource for engaging customers, clients, investors, and other bloggers in your niche, and Internet users as a whole. How do I know if I’m a simple blogger or a columnist blogger?

Have you ever wondered if your blog is working or matters? If so, than you most likely haven’t established yourself as that respected, knowledgeable columnist blogger yet. How do you make that transition? It will take some work, but start with these three points on delivery and you’ll be on your way to establishing yourself as the go-to expert in your niche:

1. Don’t wait for an audience to find and engage you

engage audience A lot of novice bloggers assume people will just automatically find them. In a viral sea of blogs in the exact same niche, this is simply unrealistic. To be found, you must first be seen, and Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, Reddit, Tumblr and other social media portals have a lot of eyes!

Don’t make the mistake of overlooking, dismissing more experienced professionals in your field as you make contacts through social media. When I was first starting out in Hamptons Real Estate, I posted a flattering comment on the blog of a very seasoned private contractor. I didn’t expect a response, but certainly never imagined that she’d find her way to my blog and post her own flattering comment. A regular exchange followed. It’s amazing how that one simple comment led to a relationship that taught me so much about my niche and blogging.

2. Establish yourself as the authority
establish your authority
With an online business, potential customers and clients need to feel 100% confident that you’re not only competent and reputable, but that you actually have expertise related to whatever goods or services you’re offering. This isn’t just about touting “We’re the best….” Your blog must have helpful, knowledgeable articles and “how to” guides that aren’t sales-focused. With that said, prospects can smell weakness and insincerity a mile away; so be confident, but not pushy, about whatever you’re offering.

3. Make regular, relevant contributions to build and retain readership

blog regularly This may be daunting, and you certainly may have a plight that makes it necessary to be away from your blog from time to time. Just know that regular, relevant blog postings will be what attracts newcomers and keeps followers coming back for more. A friend of mine had a tragedy strike his business that caused him to temporarily abandon his blog without so much as a notice to his followers. When he returned, he realized he had lost over half his followers in just six weeks. If you need to take a break, you need to at the very least let your readers know you’ll be away for an estimated amount of time. Ideally, though, you should re-run interesting content, get some guest bloggers, and/or hire a temporary writer to keep readers engaged.

These three points may sound simple, but blogging, not the simple kind, takes perseverance if you want to establish yourself as professional and attract and retain readers.

Author Bio

Sam MarquitThis is a Guest Post by Sam Marquit who is a entrepreneur, home improvement specialist, and part time blogger. Fee free to visit Sam's blog, and don't forget to connect with him @fmarquitv

Guest Post : For Blog or Backlinks ?

This is a Guest Post written by Sandeep Kumar. To read more articles from him visit his blog SEO Bloggers Tips

Most of the bloggers write Guest post to get backlink because backlink is important for high SERP, but for me Guest post is much more than just a backlink source.

Have you ever tried to know from where people get the idea of Guest Post?

Let me try to explain it. You have noticed that some time you get an offer on your favorite (or already a famous) product like free a smaller product (obviously new into the market). What is the purpose of this kind of offer? Actually the new product company trying to attract more and more customer to their product by providing their product free (or on fewer prices) with a famous/popular product.

Another example is having a popular actor for Guest appearance in a movie also a way to get more audience in the cinema hall.

Same idea converted into the form of ‘Guest post’ in the blogging field.

Purpose of Guest Post

what is my purposeGuest Post is a medium of blog promotion and to convert your blog into a popular blog. It is one of the most effective techniques to market your blog.

You are trying to attract the readers of a famous blog by putting a ‘Guest Post’ on their blog. If people like your article then they will move to your blog in search of more such useful and informative articles.

General Criteria for selecting a blog for Guest Post

People just write Guest post to get a backlink. They just consider the ‘Google PR’ or ‘Alexa Rank’ of the blog on which they are planning to publish ‘Guest Post’. That’s why people don’t put their best effort while writing the Guest Post, which is a negative point for a writer.

Best way to select a suitable blog for Guest Post

blog1. Host Blog must belong to your niche

2. That blog must be 6 month old (most of the new blogger’s quit blogging with in 4-5 months of their start)

3. Host blogger must not be banned from Google.

4. Check Google PR of blog (If you are in need of good backlink)

Activity - After Publishing your Guest Post

promote facebook google+ twitter digg rssYour aim should not only to publish your Guest Post. Real work starts after publishing it. You must do following activities to get most from it

1. Share it on Social media sites to get more and more visitor to your article.

2. Reply all the comments/queries raised by reader on your Guest Post to build a healthy relationship with the readers.

3. Write a brief description about your ‘Guest post’ on your article so that your blog’s reader also get chance to read your article.

Purpose of writing this article

My motive of writing this article is to motivate you all to write Guest post to get more visitors to your blog by providing a quality Guest Post and by following after publishing activity. Backlink is just a complementary gift for you but your actual rewards are ‘New Visitor’ and ‘recognition of your blog and your name’ that you get from it.

‘Guest Post’ is the mirror image of your writing capability and it gives the first impression about you and your blog to the readers.

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Sandeep KumarThis is a Guest Post by Sandeep Kumar. He is a part time blogger and love to post about Blogging, SEO, Oneline Money Making Tips on his blog SEO Bloggers Tips .

5 Free Ways to Build Backlinks

chain linkThe online portals and social media channels have always served well when it comes to marketing and blog promotion. It should be noted here that creating backlinks for your blog is not so much difficult assuming that your page has already got indexed with Google. Once your website has been indexed, you will simply like to create some powerful and reliable backlinks for your blog . Nonetheless, similar off-page strategies will work wonders for the webpage. Given you have not framed the right and authentic keywords for your website, the concept of backlink creation will fail.

Bloggers may create backlinks by visiting different blogs and discussion forums thus; leaving a signature URL in the comments field or section. Visitors coming to the different blogs will certainly click on your address to know something about your online niche. But it is not always essential that with on-page SEO strategies, your page will rank at the top in the list of search engines. It will require some off-page strategies too, like creating backlinks for better results and web traffic.

How to build backlinks freely

1. Spying on rivals
magnifying glass
The first and foremost notion for backlink creation is to spy and research on the competitors or rivals. You will have to explore from where and how are they getting potential backlinks to their websites. You can use Majestic SEO for finding the exact sources.

2. Try to get backlinks from different fields

You should not limit yourself in getting the backlinks form a single source. You should harness a wide variety of source links to create a powerful set of backlinks. It also means that bloggers are free to create their backlinks from pdf presentations, excel documents, audio, videos and many more formats. Just increase your working area!

3. Links from .gov and .edu websites 
You should definitely target the high priority websites such as .edu and .gov domains. In fact, search engines like Google gives more focus on these websites as they are reliable and authentic in its eyes. Getting backlinks from these sources will simply improve the chances of getting effective backlinks.

4. Link to your guest sites

Every forum or panel which links to your website should be certainly linked by you, too. This will just create and give a shape to a backlink pyramid which will help your business marketing in the long run. Primary backlinks will definitely get the boost through this strategy of creating back links for your website.

5. Linking to websites having higher page ranks 
high pr backlink
You should simply download some free plug-ins or tools for your browser that will keep you updated about the PRs of different websites you visit on daily basis. Creating backlinks with a powerful note is an art and you should always try to link your pages to high ranked websites. You will be making a unique but certain approach towards increasing web traffic. Consumers from different fields and niches will try to visit and know about your page.

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Nadine MyrickThis is a Guest Post by Nadine Myrick from Pass Certification looking for pass certification exam assistance? Let’s take benefit of pass certification self-paced Avaya Certifications questions and answers and clear your IT certification on first try.

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