Five Tools That Can Take Your Efforts to the Next Level

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Some blog for fun, others do it for a living. No matter what side of the fence you’re on, there are certain things you must do if you want your blog to grow and start delivering results for the time you put into it. There are also tools available to make your path to success an easier road to travel.

Here are five tools that can be used to take any blog to the next level.

1. Googe Analytics

How are readers to responding to your blog efforts? There is activity to be measured beyond comments and a tool like Google Analytics can help you identify it. With Google Analytics, you can find out where your traffic is coming from, how they’re interacting with your posts, and much more. This tool is easy to implement and best of all, totally free to use. There are many tracking tools out there, but Google Analytics holds it own against the best options on both the free and paid market.

2. Facebook
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Say what you want, but the power of Facebook cannot be denied. This social network is used by so more than a billion people, that you are almost certain to have an audience just waiting to be engaged. What makes Facebook so powerful outside of sheer size and reach is all the great features it gives you to work with. For example, you can set up a regular profile or a brand page. You can include links to your blog posts and if they garner interest, fans can like them or share them with friends. Integrating Facebook into the mix is all about creating more exposure for your content.

Although it has a set of unique qualities to call its own, you could easily place Twitter in the place of Facebook. Both tools offer unlimited potential for improving your blogging efforts.

3. Google Alerts

Here’s another of several Google tools that can help take your blog to that next level. Google Alerts allows you to set up email notifications that are delivered to your inbox based on your chosen keywords and phrases. This is perhaps the most versatile tool on the list and thus, one that can be used in a wide variety of ways. Following are just some of the many ways bloggers can use Google Alerts to power their efforts:

- Stay on top of the latest breaking news in their niche

- Generate ideas for fresh topics and content

- Identify similar blogs and websites

- Expand their individual network

- Watch competitors

- Research keywords

- Discover new sites to include in their link building strategy

- Monitor their brand name and reputation

Like many Google products, this one is absolutely free to use. If there is a must-have blogging tool on the list, Google Alerts would be it.

4. CloudFlare

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If you have a blog that is making noise in the way of a lot of traffic and comments, your content could be at the mercy of unscrupulous thieves who want to steal and use it for themselves. This is why a tool like CloudFlare comes in handy. CloudFlare is a cloud-based platform that can protect your blog from content crooks, hackers, spammers, and a host of other threats. It also offers features that can help you improve performance and understand more about your traffic.

CloudFlare offers three premium packages, but many bloggers will find that its free plan provides adequate protection for their needs.

5. Creative Commons

Every blogger needs a tool like Creative Commons in their arsenal. Creative Commons gives you convenient access to a huge selection of images that can be used for commercial purposes and published on your blog. Of course you can pretty much nab images from anywhere, but you are taking a huge gamble with anything you have not been given permission to use. What makes Creative Commons so valuable is the fact that it allows you to retrieve content from other popular image libraries, including Flickr, Fotopedia, and Google Images

Don’t Go to Work Without Your Tools

Every blogger needs a set of tools they can rely on to simplify what can often be a very grueling process. The internet makes these applications and services easily accessible, so there really is no excuse for going to work without them. You have an endless pool to choose from, but these are a few you can never go wrong with.

What’s your favorite blogging tool these days? Don’t be a Scrooge. Share with the group!

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