Step by Step Plan to Make More Profit from Your Blog

Make money from Blog
Do you want to make more money from your blog? Most new bloggers take the wrong step. They monetize first before attracting traffic. The right step should be to build your traffic first before you start monetizing your blog. If you want to make more profit from your blog, follow this step-by-step plan.

1. Build your content-base

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The first thing to do is to attract more readers to your blog, which means to build your content-base. The most effective content-building for blog is to post regular content. Remember that blog is different from regular website. Blog should be updated regularly, because blog is designed similar to a journal. If you don’t blog regularly, you will have difficulty in keeping your traffic. By updating your blog consistently, you are signaling to the search engines that your blog is active, thus they will index your blog faster. In return, you’ll have more traffic coming to your blog and you’ll be able to make more profit.

2. Start blog commenting

blog commenting If you have a blog, you better start finding related blogs and subscribe to their updates. Why? That’s because you will submit your comment to those blogs. When you’re subscribed with those blogs, you will have more chance to submit the first comment to those blogs. This will give you good benefits. By commenting first on those blogs, you will get noticed by the blog readers and you will get more chance to increase your blog traffic with your comment. Also, if you can comment on those blogs regularly, you can build good relationship with the bloggers.

3. Start guest posting

Another way to boost your popularity of your blog is through guest posting. This simple tip will boost your blog traffic and reputation. There are many blogs that accept guest post. If you can offer good content to those blogs, you will be able to feature your blog in other blogs. The link that comes through your guest post will have more weight in the search engines. Thus, you can attract more traffic to your blog, both from the blog readers and from organic traffic. Guest posting will help your blog to earn more money.

4. Bookmarking and building social media presence

Social bookmarking websites Once you have fair popularity with your blog, you can start to leverage more of your traffic by building social media presence and using various bookmarking services. However, don’t use too many services at once. The most effective method is to use two or three bookmarking websites regularly to post the link of your newest post. Then, build your presence on Facebook and Twitter. Those are the most effective social media platforms for your blog. Install Facebook Like button to your blog to build more popularity for your blog. Then, put “Follow us on Twitter” badge in your blog as well to build your Twitter followers.

5. Build your mailing list

 The last thing to maximize your traffic is to build mailing list for your blog. This is important in two ways. First, mailing list will help you to keep in touch with your regular readers. You can inform your subscribers to read your latest post. Second, mailing list will help you to promote products related to your blog. So, once you have good traffic and good reputation, why not start building mailing list? This is your next step to succeed with your blog.

Those are the step-by-step plan to make more profit from your blog. Remember that building a blog is an ongoing process. You can’t leave your blog once you’ve got some readers to your blog.

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