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FacebookAs compared to other social networking sites Facebook is the leading one today, because it is the second popular website in the world. You may want to know what the first one is, of course it is Google as it has many services. So you may think why Facebook, Google is the best and should go using Google Plus. Yes you may use Google Plus but as Google Plus has don’t yet have the number of monthly users compared to Facebook, so for now Facebook is the best social networking site. And as the title says today you will be learning how to get the maximum traffic from Facebook.

1) Make friends to get traffic!

Facebook FriendsYou may be wondering how you can get traffic if you add friends to your Facebook profile. This is a common question. But this effects your blog traffic, and increases. How does traffic increase if you add more friends. Making friends doesn’t make your traffic grow. Making blogger friends grows your blogs traffic. For example if you share a link on your wall or timeline, only people will go to the link if the link is useful to them. Increasing friends by sending friends requests to the people having more mutual friends will not do. Make friends who are interested in your blog, or let them make you their friend by providing a profile badge on your blog. I recommend you to use RSS graffiti app to post all your blog posts directly to your Facebook wall or timeline.

2) Join groups to get traffic!

Facebook GroupsThis is something similar to the first one. Joining groups will make a good and healthy traffic to your blog. But which group to join is the matter. Here I not at all mean that join any group you like and post you links in it, because people have different interests and according to their interests they create and join groups. For example if you join a group like “Friendship Quotes” and post your link with tutorials that are not related to friendship of course you will be removed from that group. So join wisely and post wisely to get wise traffic. If you own a blog on pets then join a group related to pets and post your link or there are some groups for all bloggers like - Bloggerz created by Stylify Your Blog where you can post the links of your posts.

3) Make a Fan Page to get traffic!

Facebook Fan PageCreating a fan page in Facebook is one of the very best ways to get good traffic. This runs on a simple trick the more fans you have the more traffic you get. How to get more fans to your page, well this is a question that was once answered on this blog on a post “GOING VIRAL FOR FREE: YOU LIKE HITS” this is the best way to get fans and getting good amount of fans makes quite good traffic. Now you may ask I have a fan page and fans, but no traffic from Facebook. Yes, having a fan page and more fans won’t get you traffic. As written in the above points you need to post links to get traffic, but this point is more powerful than the above ones. Posting links every time is a very boring work and even I don’t like to do that. So what to do. Best way is to use RSS Graffiti; this is an app on Facebook that posts all your post links to your fan page’s wall or timeline directly.

So you are ready to get the maximum from Facebook. Well everything isn’t easy but is possible. Maintain a good blog, keep posting. Your main aim is Blogging if you go on blogging, traffic will be a fan of yours.

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This is a Guest Post by Pradeep Laveti who is a small school guy and a Blogger from India, He loves blogging and owns a blog Blogger Tricks Hut . You can find him on Facebook .


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