How to Integrate Google Custom Search into your Blog

searcherGoogle Custom Search is the best way to let your readers search your blog. It is just like giving the readers the power of Google search just this time the scope is limited to your blog alone. It is one of the most handy tool for each and every blogger out there. Its easy to setup and starts working the moment you put it in your blog. In this tutorial we will see how to embed a Google Custom Search Box into your blog and some tips related to it.

Some Thing You might want to Know

When a Blogger blog is created , a Custom Search Engine dedicated to it is also created with it. So technically speaking you might even not need to make your own Google CS Engine ( To Enable This just add a Search gadget from the Layouts ) . But wait here is the thing , there are some limitation attached to this search engine. Here is list of few

  • Can't access data related to search queries
  • No way to monetize the searches
  • Can't include the images from pages besides them
  • Sometimes results are not what you really want

  • With this said , it is would be far better choice to go with a Google Custom Search Engine rather than the inbuilt Search Engine for your Blogger blog

    Well there is another inbuilt way to search your blog , using the query parameter on the /search directory of your blog . To add a search box of this type ,add the following code in a HTML/JavaScript Widget.

    <form  action="/search"> 
    <input id="q" style="width:150px;" name="q" size="70" type="text" />
    <input value="Search" name="sa" type="submit"/>

    The results are more graphical but the way it functions is a bit unknown and the results sometimes can be a little off-target. No data related to queries is available

    Now as we have seen how any other alternative is as good as Google Custom Search ,lets see how to implement it in your blog.

    Why is GCS Good ?

    Well some features that make it good awesome

  • Hourly Statistics about search queries
  • 5+ Styles to choose from
  • 6 different ways to show your results like Two Column , Two Page ,etc
  • Monetize your Search Traffic by connecting with AdSense
  • Options to link up with Google Analytics
  • Instant removal and Indexing options
  • Power to read your Readers brain ! (AutoCompletions)  
  • Fire specific results when particular URLs are searched 
  • Options to index all Images on your blog and make them searchable 
  • Result Sorting according to Relevance 

  • With so many features you might be asking whether its really free ..... Yes its all free to grab. There is a Business version available too but as thats for businesses !

    Finally How To put it in your Blog !

    Follow the Steps below and you will have running on your blog in no time

    Video Tutorial


    1. Go to and Click the New Search Engine Option in the Left

    Google custom search create

    2. Now Enter the details as asked and click the Next Button

    custom search first step of creation

    3. Select the style of the comment and click Next

    search second step look feel

    4. Copy the Code provided

    custom search copy code

    5. Add it into a HTML/JavaScript Gadget and Hit the Save Button
    add code in Blogger

    6. The Custom search has been setup for you and your blog is ready to be searched !

    This is the most basic version of the Google Custom Search , now lets get started with some customizing

    Note: For every change you make , 90% times you will have to put a new code in place , so I suggest you make all the changes and then only add the new code in your blog

    Getting the images to be Indexed

    Go to the Basics Tab and under the Search Preferences check the Enable Image Search option and Save Changes

    custom search image index option

    Monetize the stuff

    You can simply link your AdSense account with the Custom Search so that all the Ads that appear in the Search Results become a another revenue resource for you

    custom search integrate AdSense


    This is one of the most talked about feature out there . You predicting your readers mind ! If you enable it make sure that there is a free quota of 100 queries a day, beyond this they will fail

    auto completion in Google Custom Search

    How It Looks and the Layout

    The layout option and style of the search box can be easily changed by going in the Look and feel section

    look and feel change option in custom search dashboard

    Google Analytics

    Link up your Analytics account to see all your site search data in your GA Dashboard

    analytics linkup search


    In this section you have the ability to add or remove URLs from your Search Engine in a instant

    indexing instant removal search


    The ability to show a result which is define by you when a reader enters a specific query


    Hope you found the tutorial useful , feel free to ask any question or share your thoughts on it.


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