Twitter Vs Other Online Advertising Platforms

Twitter is one of the popular social networking websites with more than 140 million users and 340 million tweets every day. Being very popular in online world, it’s used by many companies as platform through Promoted Tweets, Promoted Trends and Promoted Accounts. The numbers of its users are growing and they keep increasing every minute of the day.

Twitter indeed as a part of social media has emerged as one of the most popular means of free ads advertising for people who establish contacts and use these social channels to promote their products with their lists of followers/friends. This channel also offers an opportunity to stay in touch with customers and build your clientele.

Promoted Tweets

It helps to advertise and communicate with users who are not currently following your account. They are generally shown in timelines rather than amongst contents. They are usually displayed in search on Hootsuite and Twitter which can help reach your target audience when they search for specific keywords.

Promoted Trends

Promoted Trends are displayed on top of trending topics list that contain keywords along with attached hash tags. They help in spotting other users that are interested in same topic. While user selects the hash tag to find out conversation associated with it, Promoted Trends will be displayed above the conversation.

Promoted Accounts

Businesses who want to generate leads through Twitter followers can make use of promoted accounts which will be displayed in “who to follow” section on the homepage of users. Twitter will analyze your account and choose followers based on similarity after which it placed the targeted ads for promoted accounts.

Twitter Vs. Facebook Advertising

In both Twitter and Facebook, target audience is end users, followers, fans and customers. Twitter has 140 million users while Facebook has around 800 million users. The age group of Twitter users falls under 26-44 while that of Facebook is 18-34. In terms of pricing, promoted Tweets in Twitter uses a Cost per Engagement model (CPE) where minimum CPE is 0.10 USD while suggested CPE is 0.50 USD. The Promoted Accounts follow a CPF (Cost per Follower) model and minimum cost is 0.50 USD for a follower and can go up to 2 USD for suggested CPF. Facebook Ads are mostly simple text-based and image ads following cost per click model. Facebook has its own tracking tools but they are not as sophisticated as that of Twitter and cost-per-click is usually around 0.85 USD.

Twitter Vs. LinkedIn Advertising:

LinkedIn is the social network platform especially meant for professionals and business people and has more than ninety million members. They provide various advertising options with affordability and visibility which includes self-service ads known as direct ads with multiple display formats to match your needs. When compared to twitter which is meant for all categories of people, LinkedIn is a very good advertising platform if you are targeting business people and professionals. You can target users based on Company, Industry, Job function and role etc. You can also target business travelers, subject matter experts, Unemployed professionals etc. All these options make LinkedIn an effective platform for B2B advertising.

Twitter Vs. Blog Advertising:

Blogs are ways to express your views to public and it can also be a good platform for advertising. Blogs targeted on specific niche can be used to promote products associated with that category. There are blog advertising networks which help you display ads on blogs with topic related to product you are promoting online.

Final Verdict: Twitter is considered to be very effective platform for online advertising owing to robust tracking tools, easier access for all users and cheaper pricing compared to other platforms. But choosing the platform depends on target audience and niche which you are focusing.


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