5 Killer SEO Tips to Rise in SERP

Seo Tips
SEO Tips are the most wanted entities over in the blogger world because every one needs them to rise their sites in SERPs (Search Engine Results Page). However tons of articles on SEO tips are easily available over the web ,Some ideas seem good some may provide false information. Luckily, these SEO tips will always stand true, and if you aren't implementing them as a part of your strategy for better rankings then you will be missing out.

1. Use of EMD
Exact Match Domains are always easy to rank in SERPs. You should use any keyword that you are targeting in the domain name. While choosing a domain you should always go with .com .org .net which is in decreasing order in importance in the eyes of search engines . If your first choice is already taken by somebody, then you can try "-" between the words to still get your key phrase in your domain. However a exact mach domain can beat any domain stuffed with slashes.

2. Main keyword in Post titles
Having your main keywords in your Title is one of the best SEO strategy to get quick success. Be sure your Title is not more than 70 words because search engines will only display upwards 70 characters in Search Results. Remember no one likes to click an incomplete title in Result page. Just don't go overboard and include a lot of them in the title ,make sure that your title is understandable.

3. Use the H1 tag to title your page
Use your main key phrase that you want to get ranked for in the H1 tag for the specific page. Remember Search Engines gives highest priority to H1 tags so take its advantage as much as you can. Don’t ever use more than one H1 tags on a single page if you are doing this search engines will probably try to ignore your blogs or sites.
Also, use your H2 tag for keyword variations or sub-key phrases within your post content. H2 tag can be used as many times as you like on a page, but should be used always beneath H1 tag to list sub topics.
Don't use H2 tags for widget headers let them be reserved for pointing out your targeted keywords.

4. Show Link Diversity
It is well known that you should have backlinks from as much as possible sources, don't stick to one site alone. Everyone gets crazy over dofollow and high page rank links, but diversity is key towards success. This means getting links from articles, blog comments, forums, social bookmarking, video hosting sites, PDF document sharing sites and even getting links from different domain extensions as in.net,.uk,.co and.info. Grab the links from all the possible sources that you can harvest.

unique content is king 5. Unique Content is King
Its well known phrase that content is king, by the way its true. When ever you are writting write for people not for bots. Don't bombard your content with high level vocabulary. Write things that can be easily grasped, If they find your writtings difficuilt to understand then they will simply click on the close button. Your content should be 500+ words long with revalent images, and it is absolutely fine if your content offers common.

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This is a Guest Post by Ritesh Warke who is here to offer SEO help and SEO tips specially to the bloggers, with easy to follow and understand tips,hint and ideas. He shares his tips about image seo on his blog Tech Inspiro. Be sure to check out his huge Dofollow list, a key tool for increasing PR, building Quality backlinks and generating traffic for your site. 


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