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As blogging continues to rise in popularity more and more blogging platforms are being introduced for hosting blogger’s websites. Each one has various advantages and disadvantages over the next, and different platforms will appeal to different people depending on what they want to get out of their blog. The Blogger blogging platform, though, has several benefits that lend it a distinct advantage over other blogging platforms and reigns in high on the list of the best platforms to use:

1. Easy to use 
Blogger is without a doubt the easiest blogging platform to use for newbie bloggers. It has everything laid out in a very comprehensive dashboard so that you can quickly write and publish posts, add in images, check your website’s traffic, and also check to see who has updated their blogs in a list of blogs you follow, all from the same home page.

2. Custom domain 
When most people start blogging they have a domain that looks something like “www.yourblogname.blogspot.com” on Blogger. However if you decide you’re ready to upgrade you can buy your domain name for a nominal fee through Blogger so that it appears as “www.yourblogname.com”. This helps make your site appear more professional and usually lends to increased traffic without going through the hassles of self-hosting.

3. Google AdSense
Since Google owns Blogger your Google AdSense is already incorporated into your Blogger account. This means you can start earning a revenue from your blog from the get go and don’t have to jump through any crazy hoops to get everything set up and ready to go in terms of advertising.

4. Google Blog Search 
Google swoops in for a big advantage on this one too and automatically includes your blog in Goggle Blog Search making it easier for others to find your website. This helps you easily connect and network with others and gives your blog increased exposure. Increased traffic means higher page rankings and more earnings.

5. Easily customizable 
Blogger allows a lot of leeway for customized themes, custom headers, and background images. These features allow your blog to be a completely individualized experience for readers instead of being a carbon copy of all the other blogs out there, and allow you to express yourself through your blog design.

Blogger is so easy to use and offers so many incentives with its features that it’s the natural choice when it comes to picking a blogging platform. Add in how easy it is to use AdSense with your blog and generate money from it and it quickly becomes a slam dunk.

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