How to Enable Google Authorship quickly

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In simple words Google Authorship allows you to make Google aware of the stuff you have written. When enabled it shows your name as well as your Google+ Profile image besides the search result. Enabling it just requires a bit of coding and is pretty simple. It adds a kind of authenticity element in the users mind and there is added trust in your content . Lets dig in

Firstly Go to the Rich Snippet Checker tool and check if this is already enabled in your blog/site. In case you see your profile is linked then you don't need to worry, just jump to the part where I explain How to make sure your image and name appears besides the search result.

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The reason for checking for this linking is because if you have merged your Google+ and Blogger Profile together ,then chances are that Google would have done this for you themselves

For those whose profile information doesn't appear in the Checker , Follow the steps Below

How To Enable it

Step 1:  Go to your Google+ Profile and copy the URL in the address bar.

Step 2:  Add a HTML/JavaScript widget either in the Sidebar or Footer and then add the following code into it.

<a href="PROFILE-URL" rel="author" >Google+</a>

Replace the PROFILE-URL with your actual profile URL and then Save it
Also you can replace Google+ with your Name or other relevant Information. Here the main thing is the rel Author tag which tells Google that this Profile is the producer of the content.

Step 3:  Now Go your Google+ Profile and there click the Edit Profile button. Now in the right side Under the Contributor To tab, add your Blog Name and URL. Save the changes

Contributor To Tab in Google+ Image

The reason for doing is to make sure this method is spam proof. Like for example if somebody puts your profile URL in a website with objectionable content ,but you don't put that site in your contributor tab. Then Google will not show your image beside that websites search

Enabled It but Name and Image don't appear beside the Search Result
This was the case with me too. I had Enabled it for a long time back but the Name & Image didn't accompany Search Results.

Here is the what you have to do ,Replace your current code:

<a href="PROFILE-URL" rel="author" >Google+</a>


<a href="PROFILE-URL?rel=author" rel="author" >Google+</a>

I did this a week back and now all the Stylify Your Blog results are accompanied with my Name and Image.

Hope it helps you and feel free to ask about problems you face while implementing it


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