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writing guest posts Ok, so you’ve finally reached to the conclusion that guest blogging is actually worth investing your time and resources, and that you are ready to spend some time on jotting down an informative article, while hoping to get it through on an established blog, while getting some back links and traffic as it goes. So far so good, but even before you get down to writing an article, you’re all set to face a very daunting challenge of picking out a blog for guest posting.

At the moment, there are hundreds of blogs out there welcoming guest contributors and no matter how much free time you’ve got on your hands, it’s not really possible to think of utilizing all of those guest blogging opportunities. Even if you start covering these blogs one by one, there will be dozens more getting added to the list by the time you reach the last ones. Therefore you’re bound to make some choices, mainly because you want to invest your time in the best possible option, instead of the ones that will just use your content to further their own cause.

Remember, just like any other form of Internet Marketing, guest blogging is also not about quantity. You’ve got to pick out blogs that can actually provide the benefits you’re looking for, which includes back links, exposure, traffic, and unique visitors to name just some of the benefits. In other words, there’s no point piling up guest posts at those MFA (made for AdSense) blogs and getting nothing in return, except a link somewhere hidden down in the author’s Bio amidst a plethora of ads.

People usually target blogs based on metrics like Google PR, SEOmoz DA, or number of backlinks the blog has. But these statistics can be quite misleading, and if you go solely by the numbers, you are sure to miss out on some great opportunities, keep on reading to know how?

Wrong Approach – Getting Mesmerized by the Numbers
current standings  As I said, numbers can be quite misleading as far as Google PR, Alexa rank, or numbers of backlinks are concerned. To start with, there are numerous ways to inflate these numbers, and a good reading doesn’t necessarily mean that the Blog is worthy of investing your time. Everybody knows that these numbers don’t necessarily tell the complete story, but still people fall for these metrics, just because they are reluctant to do some “thinking”. Remember that a blog might be having good numbers at a given point of time, as far as Page Rank, Alexa Rank, or the number of back links are concerned, but if you are not doing the due diligence, you will fail to notice that the blog is fast going down, and spending your time writing a post for a blog that hasn’t got a very bright future is pretty much like contributing to a failed cause.

Right Approach – Looking at the Potential
potential growth
 On the other hand are the blogs which are recently launched (or revived) and the owner seems quite dedicated to take them to the top. Guest posting on these blogs can give you a lot more in addition to some link juice that you are looking for. Most importantly, your post will be read by real people, instead of serving as bait to lure a couple of visitors into clicking on ads. For example, you will come across some blogs that might look quite ordinary as far as “rankings” are concerned, but you will realize the true power of these blogs only when your posts will be published. You will get some overwhelming response as far as comments, shares, and tweets are concerned, in fact you will keep getting those emails notifying you of a new comment made on your post, for months to come. Now this is some exposure and reach, and this is what you should be aiming for. It’s not that difficult to gauge the potential of a blog, all you need to do is to spend some time going through the post, reading about the blog owner, looking at the comment section of the posts recently published, and lastly, the quality of the content.

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