Social Media is now an Important Part of SEO Strategy

seo and social media together
Everyone seems to be well aware of the part that the role played by social media in our life in today’s world. Social media seems to be such an important piece of our life that we actually spent at least 3 hours in updating our online profile, talking to friends and sharing and commenting the new and useful information on the net. From the business point of view, social media plays a vital role. The new strategies of search engine optimization says that social media is one of the most powerful factors affecting the optimization of any website. Lets us see how social media act as an important part of the SEO strategy

Exposure to larger audience
The SEO strategy clearly states that the larger the exposure to the audience, the more is the benefit. The sites need a platform to expose themselves and what could be better than the social media networks like Facebook, Twitter etc. The people visiting these web portals on regular basis gets an idea of what other sites contain and from there the curiosity arises, resulting in the hits and views of these sites. Once the people start looking up for the exposed sites, automatically their ratings will increase.

Advertisement on the social network
Facebook AdsThe biggest advantage to all the sites from the social media would be in the form of the advertisements. There are spaces available on the social networks for the advertisements of various products and companies. Also the companies who need to be SEO optimized might as well want to create their own local page publishing their products and services. When the social media users view these ads and they search for them on the search engine as part of their curiosity. Thus this helps them improve the ranks and increase the visibility of the sites on the very first few pages of the search engine.

Linking through social media
One of the other important profits that the social media gives to any website is the linking factor. At social networking sites like LinkedIn the companies find associates and alliances for their company. It is here that individuals or a group dealing with a particular business will find its links that would help them find more business out of the common. Linking usually also helps bringing more and more customers from different regions of the state or the country. The social media sites which are active in the link building policy of the SEO strategy will make sure that you get business form whichever are you deal with.

Feedback keywords
Know What Users Want
The most exciting feature of any social media sites are the instant feedback provided to the particular host of the web portal. The suggestions and responses help in making the site a better one and also increase the publicity of these sites. A factor which most of us ignored while reviewing the comments is that the number of keywords increases when a person posts his/her comments. The increase in the number of keywords is for sure a good SEO key point and thus the website which is looking for good ratings on the search engines will surely get a positive response. Feedbacks are definite strategies of both the social media and the search engine optimization as well.

So we see a number of points were social media holds a good part in the SEO of any web portals and thus we see how important it is to link our sits with the social networks. So use as much  of this social media as you can to promote more and more of your business and get all the benefits you desire.

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