Building Relationships With Other Bloggers

You've got a great perspective on something interesting and your blog is gaining popularity as a result. You're an expert and your writing style is informative and entertaining and people are beginning to talk about what you're doing. The last thing you want to do is partner up with other bloggers, right? Actually, it's a natural step in the evolutionary process of successful blogs.

Using Your Expertise to Build Readership

share your expertise  What if your expertise is helping international travelers understand the visa and customs requirements for their countries of destination? Understanding every requirement for gaining entry into and visiting a foreign country can be confusing for many travelers. It's never presented in plain language and there are frequent questions about the nature of the visit.

Expertise in helping travelers answer their specific questions is valuable to many people. Your blog will be talked about and shared among friends and family, and you’ll see your visitor count increase. But once they've had their questions answered, will they come back? Have you given them any reason to do so?

Joining Forces With Other Bloggers

Join Forces bloggers What if you found a travel writer or journalist with their own successful blog and joined forces? Your joint efforts, through links, shared content, and collaborative articles, will provider travelers with complete information on the policies and procedures as well as what to expect culturally upon arrival at their destination.

Invite readers to come back to the blog to share their travel experiences, which give them the reasons to come back. Repeat traffic from travelers who are inclined to pass along information will only serve to make your combined blog a much more important feel.

What if found an independent travel agent and asked them to become an important part of the new and improved blog? Now you're providing three "hands-on" services to travelers. Direct contact through the blog with a personal travel agent is a real value-add for consumers, paired with the other two services already provided, has created a concierge travel service with a growing and loyal clientele.

Creating natural relationships with other bloggers, the kind that serve as logical extensions of what you're already doing, can serve to expand the reach and importance of your blog in ways not previously considered. Each person you reach has an interest in the information you're providing them, and in any number of other things that may be related. The more people you can reach the more synergy and potential new avenues not even imagined just weeks prior.

Growth through partnering is as old as commerce itself. Be open to opportunities to expand your reach, and at the same time be thinking about ways to get in front of more readers and contributors. The combination could set your apart from your would-be competition.

How has your blog strengthened through partnerships with other bloggers?

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