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Great Content

Blogging has become an immensely rewarding activity. Many people have discovered how they can make money simply by blogging about something close to their heart. Whether it’s the homemaker writing about some fun summer recipes or the student spreading his knowledge of smartphones and tablets, blogging is a great pastime, which if done properly, can pay off financially too. And of course, you have the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping someone!

But, why is that many bloggers fail to achieve success. They choose the right niche/topic get themselves an appropriate domain name, get premium hosting, buy the best templates, market their blog, sign up with the right affiliate programmes... In short, many bloggers spend a lot of time and effort on their blog, but don’t see success.

That’s because they focus too hard on creating a great blog, but neglect what is really important – content. It’s simple, if you think about it – content is what people want, content is what they seek, and content is what they follow around the web. You can get yourself the best blog around – the best themes and the best marketing plan, but it will all come to naught if you don’t put up good and sought-after content.

An Example
Suppose you run a small Italian restaurant and as your popularity picks up, you decide to start blogging about food. You spend plenty of time - and money – on creating the best website you can – something that’s perfect for your niche. But when it comes to content, all you have is a few photos. Now, when visitors come to your site, they have no reason to stay. What if you were to put up a recipe on every weekend? Wouldn’t that pull in more visitors – and prompt them to stay and explore you site?

Well, here’s another way to examine this issue, there are so many people blogging about their activities and passions, What makes you different from them? Why should someone prefer your blog over someone else’s? It’s not that difficult to put up a good-looking blog that utilises all the tactics in the marketer’s book!

Creativity is the answer

Content. That is the answer. Actually, great content! It is only by putting up compelling and useful content that your blog can really grow. Even search engines are smart. With their sophisticated pagerank systems, search engines run by companies such as Google can easily assess a site’s authenticity and relevance. Also, visitors will definitely spend more time when the content is interesting.

So, all you bloggers out there, when starting off, don’t neglect this most important of all the factors when it comes to online success: Content is king. You must offer great content, not just a great blog. It is content that will eventually make or break your blog, so why reduce your chances for success? Pay attention to what you put up – get the content right, and your blog will definitely succeed! It’s great content that makes for a great blog, not the other way round!

Author Bio
This is a guest post by Prashant Sharma who writes on What is Android blog and also happens to write on Price India blog.


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