How To Sell Your Own Products On Your Blog

sell credit cardMore and more people are taking up selling products on their blog to beat the job economy. Earning through one’s blog has become a method of salvation for many who’ve faced the pink slip. It’s not as easy as it sounds, but if you manage to get the hang of it, you can use your blog to sell products that you create, minus the overheads of an offline business. Here’s how.

Switch From Being A Blogger To Being An Entrepreneur

Once you’re ready with a product that’s priced perfectly and you’re ready to sell, you’re no longer just a blogger. If your core focus so far has been on keeping your blog updated and fresh, now the focus has to shift to selling your product. People will identify you not just with your blog and its content, but with your product.

Take Your Role Seriously

serious You’re not employed by an organization as a salesperson, with a list of leads to convert and a list of rules to follow. With your own blog and your own product, you don’t have this luxury. If you fail, your product fails. So take your role as salesperson, marketer and entrepreneur seriously, and be ready to back up your product with facts and accurate information.

Identify Your Buying Audience

Your present audience may buy your product out of loyalty or a feeling of obligation, but that’s not enough. You need to identify the right buying audience.

Search Discussion Forums

Search for discussion forums, Twitter and Facebook groups for communities that buy and enjoy similar products. Join these groups and take part in their discussions. Be sure to link your product pages and talk about your products and their features on these forums.

Look Up Your Competitors

competitor monitoring  Look up competing blogs that offer products that are similar or in the same niche. Exchange links with these bloggers and engage their audiences. By exposing your blog to other blog’s audiences, you might succeed in converting some of them into your customers.

Take Up Guest Posting With A Vengeance

Most of your buying audience will be on unrelated sites. You have to get their attention and demonstrate the value of what you have to offer. Submit guest posts to large, well-established blogs in your niche area. Be sure you’re your posts will reach a diverse audience which knows what it wants

Check If You Can Sell Your Products On Other Blogs

You can offer to promote another blogger’s blog, or even help sell their products, if they will allow you to sell yours on their blogs. It’s a mutual bargain, one that benefits both blogs. This works especially well if the other blog’s readers fit your buying audience profile. Look for authority blogs, especially those that have been around for a long time. Work out mutually beneficial deals – the other blogger must also find a good value by associating with you.

Offer Something Free

freebies  Promote a free product trial, or even a free sample product on various media. Use your social media accounts, social networking sites, discussion forums and email newsletters to publicize and promote your offer. Not many people can resist an offer of something free; especially if it’s something they want.

Do Offsite Campaigning

People still read newspapers and they still watch TV and listen to radio. Don’t ignore these offsite promotional opportunities that will help you find customers. Buy Ad space in newspaper and provide your contact number so that people can directly call you for enquiries.

Get More People To Sign Up For Your Email List

As you locate more and more of your buying audience, get them to sign up for your email list. This is not easy unless you impress them with your guest posts, your blog’s content and network with them through social media and discussion forums. Be sure to offer a freebie, or unique privileges to tempt people to sign up.

Be Choosy About The Promotions You Use

Put your product head and shoulders above others. You don’t want to promote your product in some used space where the mediocre players hang. Demonstrate the confidence you have in your product’s superiority. Select promotional vehicles based on this exclusivity that you want to project.

See Your Blog As Just Another Vehicle For Sales

blogging for sales You can sell your products through other blogs, other product sites, through affiliate partners and so on. The primary thing to understand is that your blog is another vehicle for sales, not the center of your product universe. Use your blog’s biggest asset, its content, to market your products. Write posts on industry trade secrets and offer special promotions for readers who contribute. Tie your offer to your blog’s topic. Create special community pages that are exclusive to your email subscribers and create promotional offers especially for them.

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