5 Best Twitter Tools for Bloggers

Twitter Tools
Twitter is one of the best ways to promote your blog. The Twitter has great use in the blogging. The success of blog only depends on the visitors and you get it with the Twitter easily. Not only the visitors, but the Twitter also helps in representing your blog as a brand. Twitter can work as a great source of traffic for your blog, is you use it in a proper way and use the necessary useful tools with it. Due to the large rush of the Twitter related tools, the selection of best tools to get best results has become a very tough task. That's why I decided to create this post, in which I am going to post about the best Twitter tools for the best results in the blogging. So let’s have a look on it.

Tweet Deck
1. Tweet Deck
Tweet deck leads the queue of the best Twitter tools with its best and unique features. It is the best desktop client of Twitter, which allows you to use the Twitter with the full features from your desktop directly. The tweet deck allows you to organize the tweets, post tweets on your Twitter account, Check Tweets and messages from your followers and Retweet others tweets in a very simple and easy way. The simple user interface of this software makes it very useful for all the users. If you are running the multiple computers, then you can also use their Browser based online service as well.

2. Bit.Ly
While using the Twitter for the blogging purposes, one thing is sure that you are going to posts links of your blog posts daily. All this stuff makes your Twitter account to look dull and spam. You may also get a loss in your followers list. But the Bit.Ly is the tool which can help you regarding this. Bit.Ly is a URL shortening service, which creates short links for any URL and change it into the Bit.Ly extension. By using this service for your Twitter account, you will be using Twitter for the blog promotion purposes by posting links and on the same time your Twitter does not look like a spam.

Buffer App
3. Buffer App
Buffer is the best way to organize tweets. You can set the schedule for the tweets and the tweets will automatically get published to your Twitter account, according to your planned schedule. This helps your Twitter account to remain active and all this go in such a way that you are updating it yourself.

4. Dlvr.it
Dlvr.it is the no.1 Twitter tool to synchronize the RSS Feed with your Twitter account. By using this tool, you need not to post the new blog post's links on your Twitter account yourself. The Dlvr.it will get it automatically from your RSS feed account and then will post it on your Twitter account, without even a single step need to be performed by you. You can sync multiple feeds and also you get detailed stats about the number of click on each links posted on Twitter.

5. Visbli

Its provides statistics for all the links but its main product is the Engagement Bar. It adds a personalized bar to each and every link you share on Twitter with your own blog link as well as hosted on your subdomain (http://links.stylifyyourblog.com/share/doWE8X). Other than links you can add Follow and Like buttons as a Recent post ticker featuring post from your blog. It has a paid version but all the above mentioned features are free to use !!

Stylify Your Blog Uses a mashup of Dlvr.it and Visbli to provide you with awesome content on our Twitter account. Make sure to follow us on Twitter to stay updated with all the happenings in Blogging and Web Design World.
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