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It’s not personal – its business, a saying which most of us try to keep in our minds before starting or operating any business venture. We try to bring in professionalism in our work and tend to forget the values of building customer relations. A brief study shows existence of a million blogs which are just kept in the dark, hardly receive any traffic and are lack a proper approach to hook its customers. The secret behind some blogs doing so well is not that how well they are optimizing their website, but how well they are interacting with its customers. Though this has been the main question of debate over years, the argument often reaches a point where ‘content’ matters the most.

What’s the Need
Developing quality content has been the point of concern for all bloggers. It is the content which makes a reader visit your website and spread a word about it. But not only will you have to produce quality content, but think from the reader’s point of view. Adding a personal touch to your blog will help you in several ways:

1. It enables you playing with the imagination of your readers while they are engaged in reading your content.

2. Your readers get ‘hooked’ to your blog and will definitely return to for more updates. In case you are trying to sell a product or service, hopefully these readers will make a purchase someday.

3. Readers can look forward to build a long lasting yet professional relationship with the blogger. Blog owners should consider adding their images on their personal page after reading this point.


4. It will help you increase your interaction with readers as well as of readers with other readers when you consider adding mistakes and half finished thoughts in your blog. This would make them provide feedback and enhance the personal touch of your blog.

5. A reader feels a sense of oneness and often thinks like the blogger is trying to address every reader personally. Hence it is always advisable to use more of ‘we’ and ’you’ instead of ‘I’ and ‘me’.

Techniques You Can Use
Sing some of these ways, you can add a personal touch to your blog.

1. Use emotions and give your blogging a soul.

2. Use a real life story. This is the most powerful way of engaging and impacting readers.

3. Use a little humor to keep it simple yet funny.

4. Refer ‘real life’ activities from your own life. This might not interest some readers but definitely help you build reader’s trust as it is not usually common for a blogger to blog about his life. Readers appreciate it.

5. Spread your name and not your blog. Write your byline on every article page. This would help your readers to know about the writer.

6. Always credit your readers by highlighting their work or publishing their thoughts or by keeping a contest. This would make them much more eager to participate.

7. Use a controversial style of writing. This would help you increase your conversation with the readers.

A closer analysis has made it clear that opening a blog and stuffing it up with some of the best content is not sufficient, a personal approach enables you to play big and play fast. It is a bit riskier approach but when the rewards are more significant, the risk becomes worth taking.

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This is a guest post by Alyssa Clarke who is a blogger who also happens to be a tech buff. She loves spending on tech stuff and accessories and is currently hunting for some cool htc evo 4g cases. She is a car lover too and her favorites have always been Bentley Cars.


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