Why Blogger is Better than Wordpress and Tumblr


It seems like modern internet platforms and applications breed faster than bacteria. Within moments of the big new thing taking the stage, there’s tons of copycats and new versions powered by big old companies. The same is true of the blogging platform. In the beginning there were just a few places to write online diaries or weblogs. There was Genie, BiX and so on. With the blog revolution becoming tied into advertising, search engine algorithms and social networking, there are dozens and dozens of platforms to choose from

Out of the chaos the strong survive and the weak become either niches or utterly irrelevant. Many would argue that the three best mainstream and best of all free, blogging platforms are Blogger, Wordpress and Tumblr. Take this site’s word for it and push all thoughts of other platforms out of your mind for a few moments. Still, this leaves you with a choice between three. Of the three, Blogger is best and this article is determined to prove why.

The Power Behind the Throne
First off, look at the power behind the curtain with regards to each blogging platform. Both Wordpress and Tumblr are independently owned businesses. This means they specialize in exactly what they do; providing users the opportunity to blog. Blogger on the other hand are powered by Google.

Why does this matter? It matters because of stability, finance and most important of all in the modern world, interactivity. Let’s get the first two out of the way first. Blogger is more stable because Google has a proven business model and has enough money to make sure any Blogger downturn or bad company performance in one sector is offset by another. In other words, users do not have to worry about the company disappearing. If you blog, Blogger will blog you.

Interactivity is the ability of one website to work with others or for one piece of software to work on different computer systems. If you want to create an account with Tumblr you have to use an email address, create a username, profile and so on like with any other site. With Wordpress you can do this, but if you have a Wordpress package through your webhost then you can bypass this. Either way, it’s pretty fiddly and time consuming. With Blogger you can use your Gmail and Google+ accounts to create your Blogger profile, it takes just a few seconds.


In terms of pure blogging it means your ability to link your blog to all manner of social sites and widgets. All three platforms allow users to decide how comments work, how visitors can share the webpage or upload videos and photos. Blogger has a serious advantage over its rivals in terms of applications such as adverts and if you look hard enough, you will probably even find a widget integrating your blog with Fedex.

Let’s face it. For many people blogging is a business. Some successful websites on technology (TechCrunch), finance (smallcapnetwork) and so on evolved from blogs. One way a blog can make cash is through adverts. Google leads the way in advert generation through its Adsense application. With blogging sites such as Wordpress and Tumblr the user needs to generate a html code and then paste it into the correct part of the webpage’s code. Get it wrong and the page just looks awful (if it loads at all). With Blogger being owned by Google, the Adsense program can be integrated automatically into the blog without the user having to worry about fiddly codes.

Sticking with interconnectivity, as well as allowing users to integrate Blogger with other Google platforms, the platform is the best in the market for connecting to other people. First, Blogger has a huge blogging community and makes it very easy to comment (unlike Tumblr) and to build connections with other bloggers around the world either within your social circle or within your chosen niche. As a part of this, Google have integrated friend connect to allow users to bring together their friends.


Blogger is famed for its ease of use. Like with Wordpress and Tumblr there are a wide range of templates to use. These define how your blog looks. They are clean and well designed. Blogger do allow a limited amount of template editing, which you can only do on Wordpress if you purchase a better account type. The Blogger dashboard is easy to use and allows for JavaScript text widgets, which cannot be used on Wordpress or Tumblr.


Once someone has written their blog, they want it read by as many people as possible. This is where Blogger once again kicks in. Possibly because it is linked to Google, the site has already been processed by Google and optimized for its search engine. This automatic application of SEO helps Blogger pages rank highly in web searches. Blog posts are also indexed faster on Blogger than on Tumblr and Wordpress.

Blogger is excellent for building a basic blog, integrating adverts and for creating a big network of followers and friends. It is also perfect for those looking for a simple blogging platform that is easy to use and requires a minimum of form filling.

Author Bio

This is a Guest Post by Imogen Reed who is an active freelance writer and President of the Moon Appreciation Society. You can find her on Google+.


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