7 Tips To Choose A Niche For Your Blog

It was very tough to decide on a niche to start a blog. Almost every blogger might have faced this trouble of selecting the topic to start with. Niche plays a very important role in the success or the failure of your blog. No matter you are blogging to bag some money or just as a leisure activity, selecting the right niche is very imperative. However some blogger do blog with a broader path which cover many different niches but selecting a particular niche brings many benefits in blogging.

If you are blogging with a particular niche you can select your targeted audience and work on that. Writing more and more about a particular niche may also make you an expert of that topic. Here is a list of things to consider while selecting the niche of a blog:
  • interests choice

    Know your interest

    Selection of the niche should be based on your interest levels. Ask yourself what you actually want to write upon. Though, it is easier said than done. The idea which I used to do this was that I started writing on 5 topics which I thought were my interests. After writing for 2-3 days I came to know that 3 of the five topics were annoying for me. This idea left me with 2 topic of interest, the selection was easy now and I selected the one which I liked the most.

  • Niche you select must be evergreen

    When I say that you should select the niche according to your interest, that doesn’t mean that you can select any damn topic. Make sure that the topic or niche you select is and evergreen. Some bloggers make a mistake to select the latest topic without knowing that it is not an evergreen topic. This may lessen the visitors in your blog by time.

  • likable hand

    Select the likeable topic

    Make sure the niche you select is likeable. Remember that you are writing for the readers and you will get the readers in your blog only when your topic is likeable. Go for the topic which attracts maximum number of audience. For example you select the topic of astrology only the people related to astrology might read your blog which may definitely limit your audience.

  • Don’t granulate much

    It is good to cover the topic widely but remember not to go too granulated. It may bore your readers and we are writing to please our readers.

  • Check out Competitor

    Check out your competitors

    If you follow the above mentioned tips you might land up with some highly competitive niche and topics. Do a thorough research and look for other established blogs on your niche. Look at their writing style, design of the blog, updates and monitor it closely.

  • Marketing

    If you are blogging to make money, do not forget to add the possible income streams to it. Good niche and relevant content are always and sufficient.

  • chaos

    Do not hurry

    Take your time to make a decision. Look for all the important aspects and then choose the one. Whatever decision you take, be firm on it. Blogging will never start giving you money right from the start. You need to be patient and stick to your decision. Changing the niche in quick intervals might not be helpful.

Once you are done with the selection, put your 100% to create a best blog. Dedication and hard work are the keys to be a successful blogger.

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This is a by Ilya Elbert, who blogs for IT Services Miami and PC Repair Miami national service organizations.


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