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Blog Readers
If you are running a blog then you would be very well aware of the fact that blog traffic is exceedingly hard to earn but extremely easy to lose. In case you really do not care about it then your blog’s traffic will start flowing out from your hands and you will not be able to do anything other than just watching it moving away from you. Therefore, it is better to get curious about your blog’s traffic before it actually starts slipping away from your hands and you should be investing your valuable time to retain and maintain the traffic.

Maintaining Blog
Maintenance Is Imperative
As we all know that generating real time traffic for a blog is an exceptionally tough job, but let me tell you retaining and maintaining your blog is quite hard. You may have been able to find a large number of useful blogging articles on the Internet regarding how you can boost your blog’s traffic, but when it about retaining it, the information available gets extremely narrow and you hardly are able to find anything that is relevant.
It really does not matter how much traffic your blog is actually getting but the thing that matters the most here is how much online users keep revisiting your portal and read your articles and become repeated visitors or followers.

Thus, if you are considering maintaining your blog’s traffic and audience then you are required to follow some vital tips which are as under:

Quality Control Approved
1. The Content of Your Blog
You are required to figure out why people visit your blog? If you know the answer to this question then its good but if not then the answer could not be anything simpler than ‘to read an engaging and mind freshening content’. If you are not providing them with an informative and engaging content then you are doing nothing but losing your traffic. No one would prefer staying if you are providing your visitors with a boring and uninteresting content. Therefore the content is the key to acquire and get hold of your visitors, and you need to ensure that you always have this particular key in your hand.

Blog Designing
2. Design Of Your Blog
If you have an appealing design, it would be showcasing your content in an exceedingly beautiful and appropriate manner. If you are putting quality content on a messy blog, the appeal and value of your portal will automatically fall down. In short the outlook does make a different, and only quality content is not enough here. Come up with a cool and sleek outlook which is very much in relevance to your blog.

Blog Ads
3. Ads and Links
You need to keep this point in mind that too many Ads and external links on your blog would turn out to be an exit gate for your readers. This is blogs these links will just keep opening more and more windows and users just do not like it.

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