Advantages of using Videos and Images in Posts

image is worth a thousand words
If you are a blog writer working as an affiliate or an organization or just for personal stuff, you must be searching for ways to make your blog more interesting so that the number of readers is increased. One of the best ways to make your blog creative and exciting is to make use of visual presentation of data i.e. using videos and photos on your blog. There are many bloggers who are turning their blogs in to photo blogs to attract more and more readers. The advantages or benefits of the usage of videos and photos on the blogs are as follows:

1. It makes a great impression
The visual presentation of any data has a better impact that only written or audio presentation of any information. When you use photos or videos explaining your product or services, the readers get a better idea about the same and the chances of them visiting your business website are better. The visual data is also easy to remember and therefore your readers and visitors will be repeatedly visiting your blog for any new information.

2. Creates a bond between the writer and the reader

reader friendly
The photos and videos shared by the writer of the blog, helps to create a personal bond between the reader and the writer. This is because; the reader gets an insight in the life and viewpoints of the writer through these images and videos. This will help to create a loyal readership.

3. Makes the blog interactive and lively
Adding the videos and images which are relevant to the subject matter of the blog, makes the blog more interesting and lively. It also makes it more interactive for the readers as they feel that the writer is sharing a part of his or her life with them.

4. Makes the subject more accessible for the reader

info graphic details
Some times when the subject matter of the blog is too technical or feels like a lecture, the photos and videos make is easier for the reader to understand the concepts and ideas explained by the writer in the blog. This helps them to get better understanding of the subject and it also helps to keep the discussion interesting rather than making it boring.

5. Improves the readership of the blog

blog readership
If your blog is an interesting blog where photos and videos are used to explain the concepts and ideas of the blog, then more and more readers will be attracted to your blog. If you have large readers base who are loyal to your blog and trust your opinions and views, then it means that you are slowly and steadily gaining their trust which can be turned in to actual sales for your business.

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