5 Free Ways to Build Backlinks

chain linkThe online portals and social media channels have always served well when it comes to marketing and blog promotion. It should be noted here that creating backlinks for your blog is not so much difficult assuming that your page has already got indexed with Google. Once your website has been indexed, you will simply like to create some powerful and reliable backlinks for your blog . Nonetheless, similar off-page strategies will work wonders for the webpage. Given you have not framed the right and authentic keywords for your website, the concept of backlink creation will fail.

Bloggers may create backlinks by visiting different blogs and discussion forums thus; leaving a signature URL in the comments field or section. Visitors coming to the different blogs will certainly click on your address to know something about your online niche. But it is not always essential that with on-page SEO strategies, your page will rank at the top in the list of search engines. It will require some off-page strategies too, like creating backlinks for better results and web traffic.

How to build backlinks freely

1. Spying on rivals
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The first and foremost notion for backlink creation is to spy and research on the competitors or rivals. You will have to explore from where and how are they getting potential backlinks to their websites. You can use Majestic SEO for finding the exact sources.

2. Try to get backlinks from different fields

You should not limit yourself in getting the backlinks form a single source. You should harness a wide variety of source links to create a powerful set of backlinks. It also means that bloggers are free to create their backlinks from pdf presentations, excel documents, audio, videos and many more formats. Just increase your working area!

3. Links from .gov and .edu websites 
You should definitely target the high priority websites such as .edu and .gov domains. In fact, search engines like Google gives more focus on these websites as they are reliable and authentic in its eyes. Getting backlinks from these sources will simply improve the chances of getting effective backlinks.

4. Link to your guest sites

Every forum or panel which links to your website should be certainly linked by you, too. This will just create and give a shape to a backlink pyramid which will help your business marketing in the long run. Primary backlinks will definitely get the boost through this strategy of creating back links for your website.

5. Linking to websites having higher page ranks 
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You should simply download some free plug-ins or tools for your browser that will keep you updated about the PRs of different websites you visit on daily basis. Creating backlinks with a powerful note is an art and you should always try to link your pages to high ranked websites. You will be making a unique but certain approach towards increasing web traffic. Consumers from different fields and niches will try to visit and know about your page.

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