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John owns a blog since last one and a half year. He wants to take the blog a step ahead; and monetize it if possible. However, for him it’s no easy task. He has no clue how to plan ahead or what’s in trend. So, we decided to look deeper and bring out what’s trending in the world on blogging right now. Stay with us if you’re eager to know too.

Only well-researched content
Worldwide Web is getting stuffed every moment with contents. That includes texts, pod casts, animated and conventional videos and all other sorts. The latest trend shows only well-researched content make it to top few. So, don’t bother to fill your webpage with lame content. Try to add value and usability to them.

Identity visibility
Almost 55% of blogger use pseudonym according to Pew Internet. Don’t hide your identity if you want to monetize your blog. Readers respect, get back to and fall back on bloggers with properly disclosed identity. Post your contact details, photographs and geographic location of contributors.

Try image marketing
This is another field coming up very fast for direct keyword based search marketing. Besides, image marketing can corner a nice size of viewer-base in social networking sites too. They often go viral if you can strike right chords. However, you need to be cautious about publishing rights of images unless you own them exclusively.

Targeted SEO
Upcoming trend in search engine optimization is focused or targeted marketing. So, you need to worry a lot about long-tail keyword. Try to reach niche people with more specific key-phrases instead of generic highly vague keywords.

Enter pod casting
Podcasts are latest trend in internet marketing. People are listening to podcasts like never before and seriously following them. So, you need to engage your blog into podcasting. In case you are not comfortable, reach out to sites and people with podcasting exposure. Know things and try yourself.

Engage with social networks
Social media networks are in thing. They are going to rule the web in coming days. So, you cannot stay away from them. Reach out to social networking pages. People like listening to their buddies. So, if you can attract an organic follower base on social networks, they will bring in more people to your business.

Encourage commenting
This is the most powerful tool to engage your readers. With comments readers pledge their alliance to blogger. There are practices of inorganic, cooked up comments but honestly that don’t help over long run. Think about ways to converse with your readers or audiences. It’s not easy to compel readers to comment at least on internet. Unputdownable content is the key; but you’ll surely need more than that.

Newsletter marketing
This good old tool is still in trend. A well-designed newsletter helps to stay in regular touch with audience. You can build a brand identity too. Besides, it helps to bring in old readers who have drifted away somehow.

So, take cue from our views and bring in positive changes to your blogs. We hope you’ll see fresh traffic coming.

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