3 Important Factors To Enhance Organic Traffic

This is a guest post by Brian Nixon from Pitstop Media , a SEO Company

As an SEO company, we take pride in helping businesses generate organic traffic to their websites. It takes time to build traffic and even more time to build a successful online business, but it’s doable.

organic trafficWeb traffic is the lifeblood of any business that is done online. In the offline world, you need to invest a tone of dollars to advertise your brick and mortar business. On the internet, you may not invest so much in advertising – if you’re savvy. You can optimize blog pages to attract buyers and prospects without spending a dime – but you need to invest a pool of your precious time. Isn’t it better?

Ranking on Google first page is determined by various factors. Three of these are important and I want to share them with you. 

The Keyword Factor
KeyWordKeywords are the terms used by prospects and consumers to conduct searches on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. These terms are important data when building and optimizing web pages. It brings the searcher to your website when properly initiated. But it’s easier said than done – you’ve to choose the right keywords.

Research various terms your product and services would be targeting. Google keyword tool is the first you can use. It’ll suggest 100 relevant key phrases that your target audience is using to locate you.

However, to stay out of competition and attract a handful of rich traffic organically, you need to research long-tail key phrases and optimize for them. A long-tail key term contains three or more words. They usually have low search volumes but it easier to rank for. 

The Content Factor
contentThe second SEO factor that imparts a webpage is the content. Around the web – quality content has become a cliché and it seems the real meaning is gone. But we can’t stop talking about it. “Quality content is still king!”

But the question is: what makes a quality content?

We’ve asked ourselves these questions several times. And this prompted us to delve into in-depth research. Interestingly, we were able to pinpoint what makes an article, a post or whatever contents in any form a quality one.

In the world of search engines, quality means the same thing as relevant, engaging, helpful, valuable and practical. So, if your content is optimized with the right keywords, and you were able to engage or give practical tips to your audience, that’s quality. 

The Links
your blog linkSearch engine optimization is incomplete if the links are ignored. Building links to a blog and its pages is fundamental to improving ranking and organic traffic.

More so, links can aid in dominating a particular niche or topic. As we studied earlier in this article, quality content is that relevant and helpful article on your blog. But it’s not enough to have useful content, especially when no one reads it.

Getting the resourceful post to the first page of search engines can be difficult. But when you target long-tail keywords and build anchor links to it, don’t be surprised to find your blog generating tons of organic traffic.

Internal links are done within your site, by interlinking old and posts. Some folks call it inbound links but the important thing to know is the benefit. It makes latest published articles important in Google’s eye. Use the primary key terms as anchors and link to inner pages on your blog. Then, go out there and enhance your ranking with external links (off-page) from trusted sources.

Over To You
How much organic traffic do you generate from Google? Please share your comment – in the comment section below. See you ahead!

Author Bio

Brian NixonThis is a guest post and the views of the author do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of this site. The author, Brian Nixon, is a professional search engine optimizer who writes for Pitstop Media Inc, a Canadian company that provides top rated SEO services to businesses across North America. For more information please visit www.pitstopmedia.com


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