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In retrospection to all the information referring to blog and newsletter available in the World Wide Web, somehow, it is visible there is still a misconception that both blog and newsletter are the same except with minor differences. Quite contrary to that, blog and newsletter are entirely different except in their nature of work of promoting business. Both these promotional social media platforms undoubtedly, could yield best business results provided they are utilized with a proper knowledge of target audience and time to reach out. In support to that, let’s look into some of the effective insights regarding blogging and Newsletters

Blogging – Interactivity embedded

blog audienceDethroning all the misconceptions, what better the bloggers are offered or indeed could take advantage on is its higher level of interactivity within no time. Blogs are usually created to build the brand. We do accept, but how the business is built has its roots to the level of engagement this promotional tool offers. With the daily inputs to customers about the products we offer or feeding the news on technological improvements, blogs have a higher rate of visibility on regular basis, thus being a SEO-friendly tool to pump up the organizations potentiality against the online search queries.

With the interactivity embedded blogs are proven to be an effective social platform for any business in order to communicate directly and to pool up feedback within no time.

timeHowever, there are some backlogs too to bear when an organization selects blogging as an effective promotional tool. Firstly, it cannot yield business results then and there except acting as a medium for instant feedback. It is time consuming to the core as the consumers online wants to get the most of it till they get satisfied, as a result it also restricted to be more conversational.

Blogging with its wide range of scope to reach and with no barred aspects, gives any business a vast space to showcase each and every product/service.

Newsletters – Constant touch base

email @Unlike blogging, Newsletters either the hard copy or email ones are usually supplied fortnightly or on weekly basis to keep the customer/client informed on upcoming products/services. Newsletters are generally created to deal with specific topic and to maintain the organizational image base among the clients or stakeholders.

Obviously, with the cost incurred in it, the hard copy types of newsletters are a passé and are replaced by e-mailers or email newsletters. E-mailers are of course a favorite for any business to secure the pocket and to ensure the wide reach. The dime of a dozen feature of these e-mailers sometimes win over blogs to collect the hard data of clients who are really interested in purchasing our product/service than that of blogs’ visitors who sometimes act as mere a information pooler.

Newsletters, though takes a low-bow against the new-age blogs, have their aesthetic way of promotion still untouched. In fact some kind of businesses, like Realtors, Infrastructural ventures, Educational practices etc. depend more on printed newsletters forms than spreading a word through blogging.

To conclude, both the newsletters and blogs have their own pros and cons but with a keen eye on target audience, time to reach and nature of business, both the social media platforms can yield wonderful business results.

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