How colors affect success of your blog

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The effects of color in a blogs success cannot be underestimated. Thing with colors is that each one of them has an emotion or a quality that is associated with it. Some colors therefore can be used to impact some certain habits in consumers.

Colors that you use for your blog can have different effects on the audience.
Here are some of the effects

> The colors have the ability to make the audience happy or sad
> They can excite the users or make them depressed
> Good colors will ensure that users come back again and again
> Using bad colors or colors that are unmatched will make some users never to come back again to your site. This can be proven by a research carried out that showed that at least 52% of users in blogs never returned because they never liked the color and design

all the colors

All the colors have different and specific qualities and some qualities of the colors are shown below.

Blue especially light blue has been known to evoke feelings of trust, calmness, and also security, belonging reliability and coolness. This is thus one of the most popular colors being used in logos and color schemes of Facebook, twitter, PayPal, linked-in and e How just to mention a few

Blue color website

Red is known as an aggressive color and it is known to stimulate and cause excitement and evoke feelings of speed, passion and danger

red color website

Pink is viewed as a soft color, secure, and sweet. It is also associated with youthfulness and femininity

pink color website

Green colors qualities are fresh, cool, abundant and natural

green color website

Yellow is a warm color signifying cheer, happiness and sunshine

yellow color website

Orange signifies playfulness and vibrant. It is also a warm color

orange color website

Purple is royal and spiritual and stands for dignity

purple color website

White is pure, clean, mild and stands for youthfulness also

white color website

Black is sophistication, mystery, and elegance

black color website

Gold stands for prestige and expensive and silver is prestige and cold

golden color website

According to the Color Theory, that is bringing into existence a sensory experience by the use of meaning behind colors, one can therefore conclude that colors plays a very important part in you blog and can thus determine whether your audience will stay or even come back again. If you are looking forward for your blog to be a hit and for it to be a success, here are some few tips that you can use:

> Ensure that you have chosen the appropriate color scheme for the Header, the Content body, the Sidebar and the Footer
> The color that you chose should be one to attract readers. A study has shown that colors can increase the readership of a blog by up to 40%
> Colors also have a very important role in holding reader's attention
> Choose the colors to use on your blog basing it on the audience
> You should also ensure that the color scheme that you use in the brand of your blog has been chosen carefully. It has been noted that colors have the ability of increasing the recognition of a brand by up to 80%

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