6 Tips To Make Your Content Compelling

compelling contentIf you ask any pro blogger what is one thing which can make your blog better? They would say content and it is one fact that can’t be hidden. While other factors like SEO , Design play a crucial role in attracting readers still content is the main thing. Based on content only you can do SEO and even designing. Making content interesting and compelling is the key which will automatically get you readers and help in building a better blog.

relevantAdd Relevant Images
There is a saying that “Pictures says a 1000 Words” and that is very true. Have a picture relevant to your content and let it express what you are actually writing in your post. That will help readers on the outline to know what exactly you are going to provide them with. It is as vitally important as compelling Title.

Post Simple Tips
Lengthy articles are not that good! Want to know why?? The world is moving so fast that they don’t have time to sit and read line by line what you are trying to say. Why don’t you simply substitute lengthy sentences with a effective and simple tip? Make them crisp so that they will understand what they need to do.

verifiedLink To External Resources
While you are writing articles it is important that you give readers a complete information. There will be some important terms or procedures that you may not be explaining them in your article or post, but it is important that they get to know what it means. So what you will have to do is link them to external articles where they will get information about that. What will be the use if they read it without understanding? This external linking will help you make your content look better.

Explain With Examples
Sometimes reader feels that they are not able to get what the writer wants to say, that is a natural thing that can happen. It is not that all readers will have a problem but may be some who are not well aware of topic may have doubts. It is better to explain them the Kinder Garden way with an example ( I dint mean to hurt the readers but it is for better approach to make them understand).  Writing with examples helps you create a high quality post.

happy faceMake Humurous Statements
Writing the content the old way may not work these days, make it a little fun. Add lines/sentences which will make the reader laugh just to ease out. You can always tell them that you were kidding and carry on writing on what you were. This brings interest in the readers mind and they will be compelled to read more and even by a regular loyal reader to your blog.

Help Readers What To Do
Most probably you will be writing articles to answer the queries of a reader and what you need to do is answer them. By saying answer them , I mean that you should have a answer to the query and not write something else which will be out of interest to the reader. If you have the answer then in no way can your content bug the reader. I have seen blogs where they write article with a title and completely different content, do avoid that at any cost.

If you follow this you are certainly going to have good content in your articles for sure.

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Sandeep SinghThis is a Guest Post by Sandeep Singh who writes at NthhBlogger where he lets his readers get his thoughts on Blogging, Social Media and other product reviews.


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