Why Guest Posting is the Best Link Building Strategy

link buildingLink building strategies have several facets. Several strategies are hailed, one such strategy is guest posting. Google is a widely used search engine. Therefore it is common sense to rank over Google. However, Google has likes and dislikes for links. For instance, links built through a spam website is frowned upon by Google. On the other hand, links gained through authority sites are loved. In the past, spam link building provided instant results. Unfortunately, they no longer are valid. The recent Penguin update crushed the remaining hope of spam link building. However, some spammy sites still rank higher but their positions & rank will drop in future.

Why Guest posting should be used for link building?

Guest posting is effective in every way. Through guest posting you not only build natural links but also accumulate relevant readers for your site. Some of the benefits are:

Increase of rank position over Google

google rank Generally, guest posting is done on high authority sites (in most cases). Links gained through these sites carry greater weight than any other site. Let us say your competitor ranks higher with several thousand links. In that case, you can rank higher with few quality links. Of course, I cannot provide the exact numbers. However, links gained through guest posting will assist in better rank positions for keywords in a short term.

Real Example: I started a forex site in April 2012. For a certain page I wanted it to rank for the keyword ‘forex no deposit bonus’. I chose guest posting for link building. At present the page ranks 12th for the keyword. Google for the keyword and try finding for blog named ‘zarrylym’s forex’. Note: Other factors also went into ranking of the page but most help came through guest posting.

Permanent Links through Guest Posts

Links gained through guest blogging are permanent. There is no recurring expense that needs to be spent to keep the link. The SEO juice through the link will vouch for your site. In other link building strategies, the link may or may not be permanent.

Needn’t Fear Algorithm changes

penguin update Many Internet Marketers and Webmasters fear every time Google undergoes an algorithm change. If guest posting was your link building strategy then you do not have to fear. No matter what, guest post links will always stay and provide better ranking. A very rare case scenario would be the site on which you guest posted gets in some problem (but that rarely happens as they are generally high quality)

Increases Readership

When you guest post on a site readers will try to find more about you. Naturally, they will land on your site where more can be learnt about you. Soon they will be part of your readers. So apart from gaining links, you also get readership with guest posting.

Increases Awareness

awareness Internet is immense in size. Not all sites fall into lime light. Few of the sites that compete and show their heads are spoken and blogged about. For a newly built site that requires attention guest posting is the right choice. For example, let us say you have a newly built site on Affiliate Marketing. Find other authority sites in the same niche. Contact the admin and propose to Guest post. Continuing the same procedure with other sites will soon increase the awareness of your blog.

Apart from ranking higher in search engines, you also get the above benefits with guest posting. So Will you next time consider guest posting as your priority when it comes to link building or not ?

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