5 Reasons Why Your Blog Won’t Attract Subscribers

rss subscribers Should you build mailing list in your blog? Yes, you should. However, there is a common problem many bloggers experience when they build mailing list for their blog. What is it? It’s about how difficult it is to persuade their readers to subscribe to their mailing list. You may experience the same problem. So, you have to understand about the reasons why your blog readers don’t want to subscribe to your blog mailing list. Here are 5 reasons why your blog won’t attract subscribers

1. You don’t differentiate yourself

As you may already know, there are thousands upon thousands of blogs out there, and of course, they’re all trying to attract subscribers and traffic. Now, you have a single blog which is trying to attract subscribers too. How can you make your audience recognize your blog? How can you make your audience to cling to your blog and follow your blog instead of other blogs? The answer is to make your blog unique. You have to make your blog different from other blogs. If you can do this, you will be able to attract subscribers to your blog easily. If your blog is seen as the same old blog that people already see numerous times, you can’t easily attract traffic to your blog, let alone build mailing list in it.

2. You don’t have reputation

rightIn blogging, reputation is everything. If you have reputation, people will just flocking on your blog all day. And they will subscribe. And they will buy something from you. Reputation is all that matters. If you are unable to attract subscribers to your blog, that’s because your blog has no reputation. And this is what you should start building from now.

3. You don’t offer something valuable

There is always a price for something that you want get. If you want to get subscribers, you have to pay the “fair price” for it. You need to offer something valuable that has more value than your reader’s email address. If you neglect the importance of this part, you’ll have difficulty to build a big mailing list on your blog. Offer something free that will give great value to your readers, and they’ll gladly exchange their email address for it.

4. You aren’t persistent enough

Persistence is the key to build your blog mailing list. In attracting subscribers, persistence is the key. You have to let your blog readers know that you want them to subscribe to your blog’s mailing list. And you have to tell them about this over and over—in your blog posts, in your blog comments, in your videos, and so on.

5. You don’t offer more than your competitors

businesses competition People always want something more. Look at your competitors—other bloggers that are building big mailing list. What do they offer to their subscribers? If you can see carefully, they are offering massive value in exchange for their readers’ subscription. Why are they doing this? That’s because they understand the value of their blog subscribers. What you need to do is to offer more than your competitors are offering to their subscribers. Add more value to your offer, and you will find significant increase in your subscription rate.

Those are the reasons why your blog won’t attract subscribers. Make sure to avoid those things if you want to attract massive subscribers to your blog.

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Kashish JainThis is a Guest Post by Kashish Jain who is a young blogger from India. He loves to write about the technology updates around the world. Recently an article on BloggingTips grabbed his attention. These days he is busy writing articles on  Polity of India.


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