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authorityNowadays, it’s nearly impossible to Google any given subject and not immediately sees at least a few blog results. Likewise, it’s hard to find any individual or business that isn’t using at least one type of social media these days. When it comes to connecting with Internet users through blogging and networking sites, your delivery is key to standing out as a legit resource verses just another simple blogger. 

Case and point is the subject at hand. I’m a private contractor for Hamptons Real Estate that’s been working from my Long Island home for several years now and dabbling with online business. I started out some time ago learning the basics about blogging and networking. Given due credit, some of the simple blogs were helpful with the basics. However, the critical information that wasn’t ever mentioned on those blogs was how to transition from what they were offering – simple blogging – to that of a respected, adept, professional blogger. 

This is a transition that can turn your blog, as it did mine, into a legitimate resource for engaging customers, clients, investors, and other bloggers in your niche, and Internet users as a whole. How do I know if I’m a simple blogger or a columnist blogger?

Have you ever wondered if your blog is working or matters? If so, than you most likely haven’t established yourself as that respected, knowledgeable columnist blogger yet. How do you make that transition? It will take some work, but start with these three points on delivery and you’ll be on your way to establishing yourself as the go-to expert in your niche:

1. Don’t wait for an audience to find and engage you

engage audience A lot of novice bloggers assume people will just automatically find them. In a viral sea of blogs in the exact same niche, this is simply unrealistic. To be found, you must first be seen, and Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, Reddit, Tumblr and other social media portals have a lot of eyes!

Don’t make the mistake of overlooking, dismissing more experienced professionals in your field as you make contacts through social media. When I was first starting out in Hamptons Real Estate, I posted a flattering comment on the blog of a very seasoned private contractor. I didn’t expect a response, but certainly never imagined that she’d find her way to my blog and post her own flattering comment. A regular exchange followed. It’s amazing how that one simple comment led to a relationship that taught me so much about my niche and blogging.

2. Establish yourself as the authority
establish your authority
With an online business, potential customers and clients need to feel 100% confident that you’re not only competent and reputable, but that you actually have expertise related to whatever goods or services you’re offering. This isn’t just about touting “We’re the best….” Your blog must have helpful, knowledgeable articles and “how to” guides that aren’t sales-focused. With that said, prospects can smell weakness and insincerity a mile away; so be confident, but not pushy, about whatever you’re offering.

3. Make regular, relevant contributions to build and retain readership

blog regularly This may be daunting, and you certainly may have a plight that makes it necessary to be away from your blog from time to time. Just know that regular, relevant blog postings will be what attracts newcomers and keeps followers coming back for more. A friend of mine had a tragedy strike his business that caused him to temporarily abandon his blog without so much as a notice to his followers. When he returned, he realized he had lost over half his followers in just six weeks. If you need to take a break, you need to at the very least let your readers know you’ll be away for an estimated amount of time. Ideally, though, you should re-run interesting content, get some guest bloggers, and/or hire a temporary writer to keep readers engaged.

These three points may sound simple, but blogging, not the simple kind, takes perseverance if you want to establish yourself as professional and attract and retain readers.

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Sam MarquitThis is a Guest Post by Sam Marquit who is a entrepreneur, home improvement specialist, and part time blogger. Fee free to visit Sam's blog, and don't forget to connect with him @fmarquitv


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