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Writing and getting that into the public reading, both have a lot of differences. You keep writing and to your level of understanding and knowledge, the article might be a good piece you have written, but in the end when you are trying to get it posted on someone else's blog as a guest article, it needs not just the perfect write-up, but even an effort to convince the blogger to accept the post.

You can pitch down some of the best posts that are worth a read and share, but getting the same best post published on a popular blog would need some extra work, not on the post itself. Here are a few ways on how you could get noticed better and how the blog editor may accept the guest post written by you.

Try not to write down a standard template in the mail

boringI myself have been ignoring such mails, which have a standard format of "Hi, I am .. and would feel great to have a guest post, and that would be free of cost, you would be getting 500-word unique article" as if we are starving of content and the 500-word post might make a big impact on the blog. Sure, it might be some great quality content they are bringing towards us, but the way they mail and ask for the guest post publishing, itself makes the blogger ignore the mail. There have been many impressive mails such as "Hi Chetan, I have been an avid reader of your blog.. and I have been writing in the same niche since .. period of time, and would be privileged to have my post published on your blog, and I expect nothing but a link back to my website in return. It won't be a problem if you don't accept the post, but I would suggest you to once have a check and let me know if the post suits your niche and whether you liked it". This was a basic example but there are many better ways of writing and impressing the bloggers. Convincing the bloggers starts from the first line of conversation itself.

Post introduction needs to be focused on

introduceOne of the important parts of the article is the introduction, which most of the readers tend to read to get the idea of what all they might be reading below in the next few paragraphs. If you start off with a patchy and non-explanatory introduction of the post, this won't just make the readers skip the post, but before that, this would even make the blog admins think twice before they accept your guest post. Sometimes, even if the content below the introduction is not so interesting, it might get accepted only if you had given it a push with some good intro.

Post Title - Looking into many factors at once

blog post titleThere are bloggers who might rely on the post title for accepting the guest post, for more than 50% of the cases. The title / headline is the most important aspect as that is what comes in the line of discussion between the guest author and blog editor too. You need to write a title that is catchy, optimized for SEO, relevant and easier to understand. Using some hooked up words might work out well in impressing the bloggers but should not always do the trick. What we do while trying to make the bloggers accept is suggest the blogger with 2-3 different headlines for the same post. This would make the blogger even trust the quality of the post, thinking that the guest author has done quite some research before writing.

Apart from getting more trust from the blogger, a catchy title would get even more shares and interactions, than what a standard SEO based boring title with the same post content would do.

Follow the Guidelines and Impress the Blogger

Most of the bloggers won't just list out the list of Guidelines to copy others, but because they mean it. You would write out something perfect from your side, but that has to be in accordance to the guidelines set by the blog author. If you fail to follow those, there would be nothing you could do if the blogger rejects your post after the spending of lot of time researching and writing a topic.

Lists, impresses both blogger and readers

top 10Lists are one of the most shared and read topics in many niches, and so there are higher chances for the lists to get accepted by the bloggers. With lists, I don't mean that you can write any kind of list just to make the blogger disappointed later on. These need to be informative, with each listed object being explained well with a headline that not always would have the standard "The best 5" or "The top 5". Try to be creative with titles, having words such as "The 5 stunning" or "The 5 Amazing" etc.

Just like the creative titles produce more sharing of the posts socially, the lists do the same job and that's what would make the blogger accept your posts easily. Impress the blog owner for the first time, and later on you won't need to impress them because many a times with the way you write and get shared, the readers would start recognizing you directly and that would be an added advantage to the blog owner who would find many returning visitors.

These were the pretty basic tips, which can be followed by tens of other tips that might make the blogger accept your guest posts but when you fail to follow the basics, forget posting in the other blogs.

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Chetan BhawaniThis is a Guest Post by Chetan Bhawani who is a tech blogger, a web hosting analyzer who reviews the various web hosting services, one of them being the ipage hosting reviews and writes the various web hosting guides to people who want to learn more and decide on which would be the best hosting company to choose.


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